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SANTA BARBARA, California – The Catholic Charity Agency in Santa Barbara has been serving those in need for nearly 100 years.

With the coronavirus pandemic causing many locals to lose their jobs, there is more need for assistance than ever before.

Charities have made it necessary to continue to provide assistance while helping to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

This means temporarily closing thrift stores and packing important items outside the food kitchen.

“We decided to ask people to take food,” said Catholic Charities regional coordinator Brian Clark. “That way we can still distribute food but do it in a more responsible manner.”

Since lockouts throughout the state of California began, staff have worked tirelessly while witnessing greater needs.

“Everybody has worked very hard, from morning until we close,” said Catholic food pantry coordinator Tony Fernandez. “Everyone tries hard.”

As the largest distributor in Santa Barbara County, Catholic Charities provides up to three thousand pounds of food per day.

“About ten new people every day and we’ve seen between five and six hundred people a week,” Clark said.

“Many people have come,” Fernandez said. “Nothing comes out without food.”

For some clients, coming here every week helps them avoid the busy grocery store.

“Waiting in line at all the grocery stores is disastrous,” said Santa Barbara resident Mark Wofford. “There are lots of germs and things happening there.”

“My only problem is tracking toilet paper,” Goleta resident Andy Brown joked.

In addition to humor, those who receive assistance greatly appreciate the services provided.

“This is very helpful,” Brown said. “You don’t need to travel as much as possible to the supermarket.”

“What they have done for the community is a big help for many people,” Wofford said.

However difficult the situation may be, the Catholic Charity Agency is still dedicated to providing food for those in need.

“Our goal is to feed people and help people,” concluded Fernandez. “There is no reason for people to be hungry.”

For those who want to help, Catholic Charities actively accepts donations on line.

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