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SALEM, Va. – An important food source for much of Southwest Virginia can be exhausted before the end of the month.

On Monday, feeding Southwest Virginia has only two to two and a half weeks leftovers, according to CEO Pam Irvine.

The food bank expects two semi-food delivery trucks for a week compared to what they usually get, which can be as much as 12.

In addition, demand for food passes through the roof.

At Kids Soar in Roanoke, Monday afternoon, there are several food boxes from Feeding Southwest Virginia.

“We have served around 75 children a day for five days,” said Kids Soar CEO Candace Hess.

Adults also get food.

Food on hand from Feeding Southwest Virginia only lasted two weeks when the organization got it last week.

Kids Soar has its own kitchen, but it won’t be enough if Feeding America can’t provide food.

“I don’t know what we are going to do. We have to really see who we serve and really reduce who we can serve,” Hess said.

For many clients, not getting food from the organization can mean they will not know where their next meal is.

“This is very heartbreaking,” said Hess.

Other local organizations, St. Francis House, receives 6-10 tons of food every month from Feeding Southwest Virginia.

According to a spokesman for St. Francis House, if Feeding America could no longer supply food, St. Francis House “would not be in a position to continue distributing food at its current capacity.”

Irvine said for the first time she cried and cried in a recent interview about the Southwest Virginia Feeding situation.

“As a leader, you want to be strong. Do you want to convince your people, your staff, your volunteers, your community that we are fine, but I am starting to realize that we are not okay, “Irvine said.

He said 110.00 people per month relied on food banks.

“We don’t want to say the crisis too often, but for the first time in our 39 years, I have to say this is the worst crisis facing our country and our organization,” Irvine said.

Some assistance is on its way Monday, but exactly how much is unclear.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s CEO, has agreed to donate $ 100 million to Feeding America, where Feeding Southwest Virginia is a chapter.

There are 200 chapters throughout the US. How much each one will get is unclear Monday.

Feeding Southwest Virginia will use the money to buy more food.

“I had a private conversation with CEO of Feeding America last Thursday when he realized we were experiencing a crisis. He called me personally. “He wanted to assure me there would be funds coming to the food bank and they would help us with food,” Irvine said.

If you want to help the food bank, click here.

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