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Telethon FIND Food Bank Friday night was a huge success.

Caitlin Thropay from News Channel 3 followed up with FIND Food Bank to see where the latest figures are when more donations come in and how they plan to use the money.

“This is where we are today and we are almost reaching our final numbers but there are still some that are being counted, but I am very happy to report that at the moment we are $ 551,370, “President and CEO of FIND Food Bank, Debbie Espinosa, told News Channel 3.

Wow, more than half a million dollars raised over the past 10 years has found a food bank telethon to help local families who need food.

“All the money goes to the community to make sure people don’t starve, literally,” Espinosa said.

Compared to last year’s telethon, $ 171,000 was obtained. Espinosa said the goal for telethon this year before COVID-19 was $ 200,000.

“You always need times like this that remind you why you shouldn’t lose trust in others because they always have the ability to get through it,” he said.

FIND Food Bank wasted no time in using that money.

“Basically what is happening with the money now because FIND Food Bank has converted to a fast response mode or disaster emergency operations all of which are currently dedicated to ensuring that food is deployed to all areas of society even more than what we have done,” he explained.

The money is used to find the FIND mobile market and travel expenses for their food trucks. This will also ensure that 30 full-time FIND employees are stable during this time. In addition, the money will buy masks for employees and supplies to clean and disinfect their warehouses.

Espinosa shared with us that although currently difficult, we can always count on our regional food bank thanks to the generosity of our community.

“We know the deep pain you can go through to make the decision to say it’s time to go to a food bank website but we understand,” he said. “There is no assessment … so please leave the site. Our staff want to be able to see you there and we want to be able to serve you,” he added.

Donations are always appreciated. You can find ways to help or find food distribution sites that you will come across

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