The food program experienced a huge increase in demand during the pandemic | Instant News

Pfizer said preliminary data showed its coronavirus vaccine effective. So what’s next?

In recent months, Pfizer and its partner BioNTech have shared other details of the process including trial blueprints, details of subject and ethnicity, and whether they receive government money. They are very transparent in trying to reduce public skepticism about the vaccine process. The next big test, says Jennifer Miller of the Yale School of Medicine, emerging when drug companies release their data, “so that other scientists the public trusts can step in, replicate the findings, and communicate them to the public. And hopefully build proper confidence in vaccines. “

How does President-elect Joe Biden plan to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic chaos it is causing?

On November 9th, President-elect Joe Biden announced three co-chairs of his new COVID-19 task force. But what kind of effect might this task force have during this transition time, before Biden took office? “The transition team can do a lot to strengthen and amplify the message of scientists and public health experts,” said Dr. Kelly Moore, associate director for Immunization Action Coalition. Moore said the Biden COVID-19 task force could also “start talking with state leaders and other experts about what they need to equip them to launch a vaccine effectively.”

What does the slower retail sales growth in October mean for the economy?

This is a truth we repeat time and time again on the Marketplace: As with US consumers, so is the US economy. And recently, we’ve seen many signs of weakness in the consumer economy. Retail sales increased three-tenths of a percent in October, but profits are up weaker than expected and much weaker than September. John Leer, an economist at Morning Consult, said there was a lack of new fiscal stimulus from the Congress reduce consumer spending appetite. Likewise with a pandemic.

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