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Better Pop was scheduled to return to Smorgasburg last weekend too, when its market in Brooklyn was supposed to reopen. They are on hiatus now, along with the Los Angeles edition throughout the year and the planned expansion of the World Trade Center market to two days a week from one. Many of the nearly 200 Smorgasburg vendors depend on limbo, according to Jonathan Butler, one of the founders of the market.

Most kiosks in Smorgasburg receive more than $ 2,000 a day, he said, while some reach $ 5,000. Most employ two to six people to help. Total daily sales are $ 150,000 for each of the two Brooklyn markets and less for the Los Angeles market and the World Trade Center.

While most vendors do not have rental obligations as do restaurant owners, “I suspect they feel a similar level of panic,” he said. For many newer Smorgasburg vendors, “the thing they do the most is work in restaurants. So very gloomy. They don’t have many prospects. “

Some seasonal vendors live year round with their summer income. Others say the money is good, but not their first priority.

Like many people who sell food at Queens Night Market, outdoors food bazaar from around the world that appears every Saturday night from April to October for the past five years, Hendra Lie has not made a living by cooking. Serving Indonesian food from his childhood from his stall, Warung Jancook, satisfies other needs.

“The Queens Night Market is my passion,” he said. “I love cooking. I like to present myself and culture through the food I make.”

Credit…through Hendra Lie

However, that exposure and drive moved his ambition. Before the corona virus descended on Elmhurst, Queens, where he lived, he had planned an Indonesian restaurant. Now, he is not sure.

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