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Cooper Nelson has raised more than $ 3,500 for the Food Bank of Larimer County by selling subscriptions to his newspaper.

LOVELAND, Colorado – Nine-year-old Cooper Nelson is good at talking – even when he’s just getting to the point.

“People are losing their jobs and they can’t make that much money for food, and I want to help,” said Nelson, from the corner of the breakfast / office space at his home in Loveland.

She said she was watching the news one night with her mother and father, Erin and Matt Nelson, and she saw a story that showed people queuing at a food bank. Around the same time, he was reading a book about children making newspapers for dogs.

“I decided I wanted to start a newspaper,” Cooper said. “I was also inspired by it because I wanted to help feed hungry people during this pandemic – so I decided to raise money for a food bank.”

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His mother and father said they were not surprised. They always knew their son as a caring child.

“He has always been a very loving, caring and helpful child,” said Erin Nelson.

“He’s always thinking of other people,” added Matt Nelson.

So budding journalists started the Lakes Gazette. He’s put out 40 issues since last spring and has 60 subscribers. In the 40th issue, he raised $ 3,590.

“Cooper Nelson helped us, he really helped,” said Paul Donnelly, Food Bank communications director for Larimer County. “We were blown away. We thought it was amazing that this 9 year old boy would help us like that – what’s really interesting is how stuck he is with it. “

Donnelly says additional help will come at a time when many people find themselves using food banks.

“There are a lot of people who really need services like a food bank for the first time,” Donnelly said. “We’ve seen an overall increase in demand for who we serve and how much food we distribute.”

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Donnelly even took Nelson on a tour of the facility, to show their appreciation for the donation. In true reporter style, Nelson carried the reporter’s notepad and recorded the visit. The story of his trip to the food bank becomes the following issue from the Lakes Gazette.

“I’m glad he found a way to do something other than just consuming,” said Matt Nelson. “He found a way to come up with something, and I think that’s pretty cool.”

Cooper Nelson’s parents said they told him he didn’t need to continue with the newspapers if he didn’t want to. They know it’s a lot of work – and say they’re proud of it once they hear the answer.

“I don’t think he wants to quit,” said Matt Nelson. “I think he wants to continue to help feed hungry people – he sees people on TV with not enough food and that’s where his heart is.”

Cooper Nelson said that even though he is young, he can do great things. And he encourages other 9 year olds to do the same.

“If you try your hardest, you can do extraordinary things,” said Cooper Nelson.

Cooper’s preferred charity, Food Bank for Larimer County, now their kitchens reopen five days a week, from Tuesday to Saturday at the Loveland and Fort Collins locations. They practice social distancing and require masks during visits.

If you’d like to help out with the food bank and subscribe to the Cooper’s Lakes Gazette, email Cooper Nelson at [email protected].


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