The agent provides free food, COVID-19 test at the soccer complex. And the cars are lined up | Instant News

District 2 Public Health Director Pamela Logan and her team have been testing COVID-19 at the Allen Creek Soccer Complex in Gainesville for the past six weeks now, but Friday’s testing is special.

Cars began to queue outside the facility at 7am to get tests and free food packages provided by Georgia Mountain Food Bank.

Masked food bank workers unload and sort boxes of fresh meat and produce from the back of refrigerated trucks recently supplied by the Georgia Food Bank Association while DPH nurses prepare to welcome prospective patients tested in tents that were previously prepared for screening.

At 8:30 am starting time, the line of cars had already surpassed the Allen Creek Soccer Complex parking lot. At the end of the day, 498 tests have been completed.

The partnership between the food bank and the DPH is the kind that Logan sees as important as COVID-19 which changes lives and society.

“We can’t do everything alone,” Logan said. “We can test people, but they need more than just testing right now. At times like this, collaboration is more important than ever. “

On the testing side, this event provides better access.

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