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The facilities where the Burlington Food Pantry currently sits have been loaned out, but now the property owners have other plans for that.

BURLINGTON, Maine – The Burlington Food Pantry is a small kitchen in the Penobscot area that serves hundreds of people. However, the doors may be closed if they do not get the necessary donations to build a new facility.

The facility where the Burlington Food Pantry is currently located was initially loaned out to kitchen manager Maureen Bean and other volunteers to help distribute much-needed food to community members. Now, the property owner has other plans for that.

Fortunately, Bean was offered a plot of land to continue his business, but he needed money to build new facilities on the land.

“We have families coming, and they come consistently, 65 to 85 families, and I look at our rosters, and these families come again, and again, and again and again, so it just lets me know that there is a need to be here, “said Bean.

Over the past year, food kitchens have been opened weekly serving about 85 homes at all times. The family receives a box of food that includes meat, produce, cereals, canned food, dairy products, pasta and other staple foods.

“We helped … less than 300 people,” said Bean.

Many residents in the area depend on it. A woman named Serena told NEWS CENTER Maine, “This summer my husband is between jobs, and we have no entry money, nothing.”

“They always have a lot of food, good food … and they keep us going,” added Patti Lambert.

“I don’t know what we would have done without them, I really don’t,” said Teresa Pelky. “If I can save $ 50 here on groceries, that’s $ 50 helping me turn on the lights, or keep fuel in my tank, keeping the heat on.”

Currently the pantry is looking for financing assistance for its new facility, so that it can continue to help others.

“Now we need a place to call the Burlington Food Pantry home, a roof over our heads so we can continue to do what we do,” said Bean.

“We’ve been offered an acre of land we can build on, but we need a building to put it in!” said Bean.

Bean said they received a lot of food, they had volunteers, and many community members were willing to help distribute the food.

All they need is $ 30,000 to start a new building from scratch.

“If we’re not here, where will they go? Where will they get their food? And we want to keep doing it!” said Bean.

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“Don’t ever feel like you’re burdening someone, we’re all going through hard times, and it’s great to have a place like this where you can turn to,” said Burlington resident Russell Loveland.

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Burlington food pantry organizer has just started a Open the Fund Me page.

To donate and help them build new facilities, you can click here.

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