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ELLSWORTH, Wis. – A Wisconsin milk truck driver who is battling cancer, has put up new resistance.

Disturbed by the milk disposal video, Rich Miller took $ 5,000 off his own money and launched a fund to deliver cheese curds to the food shelves.

“I have nothing but time to make phone calls and interrupt people to get money and cheese and help my farmers,” said Miller, who took a break from his milk route as he drove each morning to the University of Minnesota Medical Chemotherapy Center for chemotherapy.

Wisconsin ranchers have been devastated by COVID-19’s closure of bars and restaurants, where most state cheese is consumed.

“They supported me for 32 years,” Miller said of the farmers whose milk was taken. “I think I can give a little back,”

Within days, Miller’s initial contribution had multiplied when individuals and companies contributed.

Enough money has been raised to send more than three tons of cheese curds to people in need.

Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery, the destination for transporting Miller’s milk, sells cheese curds at lower prices.

Among the initial deliveries was a 50-pound shipment of cheese curds which arrived Wednesday at the food kitchen in Roberts.

Ironically, food pantry volunteer Roene Frederick said some cheese would help feed dairy farmers, whose visits to food racks had increased.

“I really appreciate this,” Frederick said.

Miller’s donation did not surprise Dean Hines, a field supervisor for Ellsworth Creamery.

“He grabbed a bull in the horn and he was taken,” Hines said. “That’s just Rich.”

NOTE: To donate to Rich Miller cheese curd, send a check to Ellsworth Cooperative Creamery, 232 Wallace Street, Ellsworth, WI 54011

On the memo line, write: Donate COVID-19

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