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ENDWELL (WBNG) – Juniors at Maine-Endwell High School Sadie Kacyznski and Lexi Vallet want to do something different for their birthdays.

Celebrating their big days in quarantine because schools, restaurants and other businesses were closed because of concerns COVID-19, the two friends, who are actually cousins, became creative.

“Our grandmother said,” you have to help charity or something, “Kaczynski said.

Two juniors arrange a GoFundMe page to support food pantry in secondary schools and is part of M-EALS and Nonprofit Leadership.

Starting with an initial goal of $ 500, at the last check, the page has seen more than $ 1,190 in donations, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to non-profits.

“The amount we get from it is actually shocking,” Vallet said. “We sort of set it up hoping some friends and family will interfere. Then leave like that.”

Rachel Murat is a teacher at M-E, and is a founder and non-profit president who seeks to help families in the area with food needs for children in the M-E Central School District.

When he heard the news, he cried.

“I’m crying,” Murat said. “To be able to think outside of you when it’s your 16th, 17th, 18th birthday, I think it’s quite impressive.”

Murat told 12 News the impact of the coronavirus on the food kitchen was so significant that he estimated he only had four bottles of peanut butter left.

“Often when you walk in the food kitchen, it is full,” said Murat. “The pantry is completely empty.”

Upon knowing the state of the kitchen, and the importance of the movement, Murat was grateful that the money could go straight back to help other Spartans in need.

“This money will not only help us get through the week-to-week delivery until we can return to school, but will also help me refill the kitchen,” Murat said.

In addition, Kaczynski left messages for everyone on his birthday about how they could help.

“Just do it. Just start GoFundMe. What is the worst thing that can happen? You do not increase as much as you want? “It’s still something for someone,” Kaczynski said.

Vallet told 12 News that the duo planned to keep the page and run its birthday on May 10, and that if there were still donations flowing they would run it until the end of May.

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