Food Hall is Ready to Return because of Indoor Eating Back | Instant News

RALEIGH, N.C. – When the restaurant starts returning to normal, the dining experience will change.

What you need to know

  • The restaurant reopens for dinner
  • Safety top of mind
  • Morgan Street Food Hall takes steps such as using UV lamps, copper foil on the door handles

At Morgan Street Food Hall, some changes are clear.

“All employees wear cloth face masks, barrier guards for everyone, sustainable sanitation, more than ever before,” said Greg Nelson, owner of Iyla Southern Kitchen.

Other precautions occur behind the scenes. The owner of Makus Empanadas asks his employees to take an online course about ServSafe. This is a food safety training program managed by the National Restaurant Association.

The property owner recently installed about a dozen ultra-violet lights in the HVAC system to kill pathogens in the air before people can breathe.

“When the air flows back to return, it sterilizes. Every air that moves around the building is being sanitized, which is very large,” said Niall Hanley, owner of Hibernian Hospitality.

This is similar to the technology used by the City of New York to eradicate germs on subways and buses.

The food hall also wrapped the door handle in copper paper. Research has shown COVID-19 can last up to two to three days with plastic and steel, but only about four hours on copper paper.

Foot pulls have been installed for people to open the bathroom door with their feet, not with their hands.

Hanley also plans to get a hydrogen peroxide fogger. Even with additional protection, he understood that not everyone would have the confidence to return.

“I think 50 percent of people will come out, 50 percent will not. All we can do is try to stay on it, manage the crowd the best we can,” Hanley said.


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