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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – When the fog burned Saturday morning, dozens of volunteers and neighbors worked together to collect food for several food pantry in Oakmont, Verona, and neighboring areas.

“So many people reach out to want to help and volunteer and contribute. It’s amazing how this community shows support, “said the food drive organizer, Karen Deturck.

The idea starts with Tracy Gourley. He makes masks and people want to offer something for his work.

“They wanted to give something, so I said about the food because I saw the pantry food needs,” Gourley told KDKA Saturday morning.

After gathering with community leaders, they decided to have a food drive. Before a car arrived in the parking lot, they had already received several boxes of food and donations of hundreds of dollars.

Volunteers say the food urge needs to continue even though we are back to normal.

“We know this will continue. I think it will be a big thing to continue the ongoing efforts by the community, “Gourley said.

The volunteer is not alone. In some urban environments, volunteers collect and distribute important items to their neighbors.

“At times like this here, there is a need,” said Rashard Byrdsong from the Community Empowerment Association. “I am pleased to say that so many organizations, so many individuals, ordinary people, church leaders have become part of this broader problem.”

Rashard Byrdsong with the community empowerment association said some minority communities had faced food insecurity problems before the pandemic.

He hopes community leaders see the impact now and overcome it.

“There are certain things that need to happen in our community such as food, shelter and clothing,” Byrdsong said.

He has become part of six distributions and plans to have several more.

If you want to contribute to the Community Empowerment Association, call 412-371-3689. For culinary tours in the Oakmont area, you are requested to contact Oakmont Chamber of Commerce.


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