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“For me, there is no reason for people in our community to starve, and I think it is a great feeling to see so many people supporting others who need help,” Schenck said.

Gilda Brower, organizer for TomatoFest, said she rejected the desire to hug people and shake hands at the event but liked the public’s support. Because TomatoFest will not be held in its traditional form this year, the Saturday event serves as a way to continue to help those who need help. He noted that more cans were collected in the drive-thru on Saturday than during the regular TomatoFest event.

Local needs for food pantry only increased during the pandemic, Brower said. With clear excitement in his voice despite the mask he was wearing, he mentioned TomatoFest received a $ 18,000 grant from the Cayuga Community Foundation, so that $ 2,000 was distributed to nine kitchens throughout the region. He said he was happy with all the support for the Saturday event.

TomatoFest volunteer Janice Sanders said seeing the number of contributors who entered and the number of participants was very large. Many people who need a kitchen because of the effects of a pandemic “have never depended on anything like that before in their lives.” Despite the alarming numbers, he said he was encouraged by the drive-thru.

“It’s just that everyone works together because it can only happen in the Cayuga Territory,” Sanders said.


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