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CHICO – Chico’s historic home was used to show the victory park as an open community space by the Butte County Local Food Network.

The network hosted a demonstration in the courtyard, dubbed the Vecino Victory Park, Sunday morning.

Built in 1912, the house of councilor Toni Zanella sits on about a third of a hectare and is expected to house a variety of plants. The plan is for gardening projects without permaculture of styles, producing different fruits and vegetables, and finally chickens and pollinating pathways with native plants.

Zanella said he intended to go to a garden created to show people how to turn their backyard into a garden.

With a home in his family for more than 65 years, “I really want to respect the land … and what vegetables we grow, we will share with the community,” he said.

It will not be a joint victory park where individuals can come to plant, but it will be an open space for networking events and eventually workshops, said organizer and board member Amy Roseman. However, seeds and plants have been donated by members of the local community.

If it works, Roseman said he hopes neighbors can use the site to hand over their remaining compost and bring fresh soil with them, and collect the newly grown produce. Areas for workshops and classes can also be created in the yard as an open event space, he added.

The network has worked to promote local food sufficiency since before Api Camp, but the effects of fire and pandemics in the area made the project even more important, Zanella said.

“I just think it’s very important especially now that we are independent and we feed ourselves and learn how to survive,” he said. “We don’t know what will happen with food supplies … it’s important that it is something we can do to keep ourselves healthy and sustainable.”

“It was very surprising (this year) to see that there was nothing on the shelves,” Roseman said. “But we have so many people who are interested in gardening and where our food comes from. This is devastating but it stimulates our community to care about food scarcity. “

In addition to this garden idea, “We are conducting two projects in our program ‘Feed Butte County Direct’,” network founder and leader of The Good Food Brigade Pamm Larry said. There are two active projects in Concow, the CSA program in Concow connecting households to food boxes starting June 1, and transporting food from the Certified Organic Chico Farmers Market to be taken to the Yankee Hill Pines Hardware store for distribution.

“These projects are short-term solutions to the immediate crisis situation,” Larry said. “But we think it is very important to look into the future and do what we can for food security next year and for years to come. Food supply is being disrupted globally, including the availability of seeds. “

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