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The German Federal Office for the Protection of the 2019 Constitution Highlights Iran’s Terror Efforts Against MEK

That Federal Office For defending the Constitution (BfV), the Federal Republic of Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, inside it annual report 2019 highlighting the terrorist activities of the Iranian regime abroad especially against the Iranian opposition Iran’s Mujahideen People’s Organization (PMOI / MEK).

The report, published July 9, 2019, during the press conference, quote the 2018 version that says: “On July 1, 2018, a diplomat accredited with the Iranian Embassy in Vienna was arrested in Germany under a European arrest warrant issued by Belgian law enforcement authorities. The diplomat, suspected of being an MOIS agent, was accused of orchestrating the planned bombing of an annual meeting in France organization against the Iranian regime. Iranian diplomat thought out has recruited a Belgian husband and wife from Iran as agents to carry out the bombing. The German judicial authority extradited the suspect to Belgium in early October 2018. The GBA investigation in Germany continues, as does the investigation in Belgium.

Asadollah Assadi, regime terrorist diplomat, was arrested early July 2018 while trying to bomb the annual “Free Iran” meeting in Paris Iran National Resistance Council (NCRI). This event was attended by thousands of Iranians, Supporters of MEK, and many famous politicians and Members of Parliament from both sides of the Atlantic.

At the time NCRI had been revealed: “The decision to commit a major terrorist crime was taken at the highest level of the regime, namely the Supreme Security Council, with the presence of Rouhani and Zarif, and confirmed by Khamenei. The submissive efforts of the Iranian regime and the lobbyists and allies of the regime to blame this terrorist act for the false circle of self-acting within the regime and to free the Rouhani or Khamenei faction were so baseless that even with the slightest investigation of factuality revealed. “

That BFV Report about the ongoing terrorism of the Iranian regime underscores this fact that European countries must take regime terrorism seriously and the danger it poses for security in Europe.

Gholamreza Mesbahi-Moghadam of the State Benefit Council in an interview with the official More The news says: “Europe wants to feel safe knowing us will not fun noclean project. We do not allowing US efforts to extend the UN arms embargo to succeed… Europe should not feel safe. “

In line with its terrorist activities, the regime has stepped up a campaign of disinformation against MEK by using that WHO disguised self as a “former member of MEK or criticism”, and published fake news and falsifying email. In additional, the regime has used a network called “friendly journalists” to spread its baseless accusations against the Iranian Resistance. Court in Hamburg rule in favor of the Iranian Resistance, ordered he Sausage More common newspaper to clear the accusation against MEK in the article May 13. This is not only a setback for the regime’s propaganda against the MEK but also shows the fear of the regime and its aides against the Iranian opposition. While pursuing a demonization campaign abroad the regime has stepped up measures of oppression against MEK supporters in Iran. On July 9, NCRI in a statement in this case write: “The Iranian Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) and the Judiciary have begun arresting and issuing prison sentences for supporters and families of the Iranian People’s Mujahideen Organization. (PMOI / MEK) and those who have signed statements are jailed and released. Desperate effort came after the failure of anti-MEK libel and false petitions signed by 8,000 families called MEK members and ahead of the Iranian Global Summit Free of Iran’s Resistance in solidarity with the Iranian people’s uprising.

The BFV report and the regime’s activities have recently confirmed the regime’s need to target its main opposition group, the MEK, to avoid imminent collapse. Full of crises, like facing anxious society, Co-19 pandemic, increasing international isolation together with the MEK Resistance Unit Widespread activities in Iran, the regime sees its imminent fall. Because of this, the mullah regime is trying desperately through defenders to denigrate and discredit the only alternative regime, MEK and NCRI, abroad, spread the idea that there was no alternative to this regime. Meanwhile by terrorism abroad and oppression inside Iran try to physically eliminate the Resistance movement.

When the regime increases its oppression, important to support the Iranian people and their organized resistance. In this case, Iran Resistance will hold its annual “Free Iran Global Summit” on July 17 to support MEK The Resistance Unit and the rising Iranian people. The international community must stand with the people of Iran and their organized Resistance in the struggle for freedom and democracy and support the activities of the MEK Resistance Unit and viable alternatives to the mullah regime.

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