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Google rejected the World War 2 action-adventure game from being released in Germany because of the Nazi image, even though the country agreed.

Charles Games, developer of the WW2 action-adventure game Bombing of 1942, announced confirmation from Google Play the storefront Bombing of 1942 refused to be released in countries including Germany, France, Austria and Russia. This is despite the fact that Charles Games has received explicit approval from German regulators.

In an e-mail from Google that Charles Games shared online, a representative confirmed that the dev application had Bombing of 1942 published has been rejected. Reason why it is Bombing of 1942, games that are historically accurate, contain reference to the Nazis. Said Charles Games, “How should we make a historically accurate game about the horrors of WW2 without the Nazis?”

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The biggest problem Charles Games has is that Bombing of 1942 already approved by German regulators, and it seems that Google might have blocked this game because it was hoped that Germany would block it. Next, the game was made with the direct involvement of historians from the Czech Academy of Sciences.

Because this is a rejection of the appeal of Charles Games, the team has no recourse beyond the public’s appeal to Google. Intention to let go Bombing of 1942 in Germany there still is. Charles Games hopes that Google will retract its decision, that the team’s goal is to “keep history alive,” and that when banning anything with “controversial keywords no matter what the content is, everyone will lose.” Small one historically accurate WW2 action-adventure game can make a difference.

Bombing of 1942 currently available on PC.

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