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German teenagers get rather serious and – whisper! – Maybe even deadly touches are boring, according to a new study. “It seems that the pleasure of youth has been lost,” he said.

Sinus Youth Study 2020, published every four years and runs up to 400 comprehensive pages, finds: “Glamor, pleasure, or fulfillment of consumer desires play a less important role in the lives of participants than they did a few years ago.”

Although the word ‘pleasure’ often appears throughout the report, the authors note that hedonistic pleasure has been replaced by “pleasure while learning” and “pleasure at work”. Values ​​such as family enthusiasm, loyalty, tolerance, and assistance are all highly valued among those surveyed. Role models are far more likely to be parents – and, specifically, their mothers – than sports stars or entertainers.

The researchers emphasize that the study was not fully representative because only 72 people were surveyed. But they believe that long and in-depth interviews provide insight into the thinking of the next generation of German adults.

Research director Marc Calmbach said the study showed a greater desire to make a positive influence on society and embrace careers with work-life balance rather than high salaries. “It’s no longer a pleasant society like it was in the 90s,” Mr Calmbach said. “We are actually facing a big challenge today, and they are considered sensitive.”


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