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• Germany has the fourth largest number of confirmed coronavirus infections – more than 100,000. But death rates are lower than those in Italy and Spain. One reason is the uniqueness of fate: many of the people who were first infected were young and healthy people who contracted the virus in Austrian and Italian ski resorts. Germany has also tested many people with little or no symptoms, reducing mortality on paper. And the country has a strong free public health system with many intensive care centers, trusted governments whose social guidelines move away from broad and aggressive approaches to early testing and treatment. (The New York Times | 10 min read)

• The SARS-CoV-2 genome is less than 30,000 letters – quite short The New York Times can spell it out in full feature of this infographic. Follow the journey through the complete genome of the virus, the encoded proteins, what they do, and some mysteries. (The New York Times | 7 min read)

• Staying at home is not an option for scientists working on potential vaccines or caring for research animals. Four scientists offer advice about Precautions needed to continue important research in the face of a pandemic. (Nature | 9 min read)

• The August 1952 Copenhagen polio epidemic was the plague that found intensive care – a very important approach in combating COVID-19. It was one of the worst polio epidemics the world has ever experienced, and half of its victims were children. Community heroic efforts to revive the idea of ​​anesthesiologist Bjørn Ibsen: that a new type of ventilator can breathe for someone for hours or days. (Nature | 7 min read)

• A tiger in a zoo in New York City the first wild animal known to be positive using a virus that causes COVID-19. The vet guessed that the big cat might catch the corona virus from zookeeper. This finding adds to the concern that vulnerable wild animals, including great apes, could be at risk of developing the disease. (National Geographic | 6 min read)

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