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The school and language travel sector stopped completely due to the coronavirus pandemic, the survey noted. In 2019, tFDSV estimates that around 140,000 language students travel abroad from Germany.

“We know from lots of conversations with disappointed customers … that the need for other forms of teaching is huge”

“One thing is certain, the need for language training remains high,” said FDSV.

In 2019, English strengthened its position as the most popular language choice for clients who order through FDSV, the preferred language for 79% of customers overall. In 2018, it represented 76.5%.

In terms of preferred destinations, the UK is increasing in popularity and growing by 5% – chosen by half of FDSV bookings in 2019. Other destinations remain stable or decline slightly.

However, “trends and views in the current circumstances are almost impossible”, the organization indicated, adding that service providers were on German is trying to bridge a difficult situation with alternative online language courses.

“We know from many conversations with disappointed customers who have had to cancel their language learning trips at Easter that the need for other forms of teaching is huge,” said FDSV Board Chairman Peter Schuto.

If the situation relaxes in May, a portion of the summer business can still be saved, according to FSDV.

However, all school trips are canceled until the end of the year. Educators must hope it will return next year, the organization said.

“In the adult sector, bookings will most likely take back quickly.” Booking behavior for young students will depend more global travel warning canceled.

Young learners account for around 64% of all clients – “significantly larger” than the adult sector by 36%.

Course fees decreased by almost 5% compared to the previous year – with average prices standing at around € 1,261 and lasting under 14 days.

Since 2017, the average price of language trips has dropped by around 17%.

Released together with the results of the Hochschule Heilbronn FDSV market survey have been released amid the corona crisis.

Although there are indications of a reduction in the number of students taking study trips from Germany, the organization noted that direct comparison with last year’s survey was difficult because different companies participated in the survey.

Beyond the coronavirus crisis, providers must also wait to see how Brexit and US political courses affect the number of Germans traveling abroad for language training.

FDSV also added that to his knowledge there were about 95 providers of language travel courses in Germany – half of them were following German travel law with the rest is not responsible for the trips booked.

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