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April 27 2020 09:00:59

Chinese authorities say all those treated for the corona virus at the hospital in Wuhan have now been repatriated. In Germany, officials said Chinese diplomats asked them to issue “positive public statements” about handling the Beijing crisis.

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Monday’s main news

The COVIDSafe application was downloaded more than 1 million times

Federal government The COVIDSafe application has been downloaded by 1.13 million Australians since it was released on Sunday evening.

The government has said that 40 percent of Australians – or 10 million people – need to use it to be successful.

Minister of Health Greg Hunt praises people who are rushing to embrace contact tracking technology.

But digital rights advocates are concerned source code not yet published, to allow the work of the inside of the application to be examined.

The government has stated its intention to create a public code, subject to the advice of cyber security agencies.

Boris Johnson returned to Downing Street after recovering COVID-19

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson returned to Downing Street and start working.

A spokesman confirmed that he had returned after spending two weeks at Checkers, the residence of his country, where he was recovered from COVID-19.

Its establishment, Dominic Raab, said Johnson would return to work on Monday and “prepare to leave”.

On his desk, Mr. Johnson will find a letter from Opposition Leader Keir Starmer urging him to determine when and how the lock that was designed to slow the spread of the corona virus might be abated.

But Raab, the Foreign Minister, has said speculation about the risk is diluting the message that people must stay at home.

“We are at a difficult and dangerous stage and we need to ensure that the next steps are in progress,” he told Sky News.

The official number of COVID-19-related deaths in hospitals across the UK has risen to 20,732, meanwhile the number of confirmed cases totaled 152,840.

There are no COVID-19 patients at the hospital in Wuhan

There are no coronavirus patients left at the hospital in Wuhan, China, where the virus first appeared.

The Chinese National Health Commission says all COVID-19 patients in the city have been discharged.

However, the risk of import cases remains high and cluster outbreaks have been reported in places such as northeast China’s Heilongjiang province.

Since the outbreak in Wuhan, coronaviruses have spread throughout the world, infecting 2.9 million and killing more than 203,000 people.

The news came as schools throughout China began to reopen. Only teachers and students who return negative test results and have no symptoms are allowed to enter school.

China called for positive comments, Germany said

Chinese diplomats approached German Government officials in an effort to encourage them to make positive statements about how Beijing handled the coronavirus pandemic, according to the German interior ministry.

“The German government is aware of the individual contacts made by Chinese diplomats with aims to influence positive public statements “about the management of coronavirus by the People’s Republic of China,” the ministry said in a letter seen by Reuters.

“The Federal Government has not complied with this request.”

The letter dated April 22 and sent to MP Green Party Margarete Bause in response to her question about whether Chinese diplomats have contacted German officials with the aim of encouraging them to make positive comments.

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The comments by the interior ministry were first reported by the Welt am Sonntag newspaper. The newspaper quoted the Chinese embassy in Berlin as rejecting the report as untrue and irresponsible.

The embassy could not be immediately contacted for comment on Sunday and the Chinese foreign ministry also did not immediately respond to requests for Reuters comments.

China has been under surveillance for its response to the virus.

Italy plans to facilitate locking

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has announced steps to facilitate the locking up of his country’s corona virus, starting May 4.

Italy has recorded the lowest daily mortality rate since the first week of closing in mid-March.

Overall, the country has had more than 26,500 COVID-19 deaths.

New measures to reduce restrictions include allowing restaurants and bars to serve takeaway food.

Some sports activities will continue, but not with the audience.

Mr Conte said social distance would remain in force for months, but the country had to rise again.

“In the coming weeks, in the coming months, we must lay the groundwork for the reopening of the country,” he said.

“We need an intense reform program. This should be an opportunity to radically change everything that hasn’t worked in our country for a long time.”

Pitt’s Dr. Fauci mocks Trump on Saturday Night Live

Oscar-winning actor Brad Pitt appeared on Saturday Night Live, playing Anthony Fauci, America’s top public health adviser, to examine the facts of US President Donald Trump’s claims about coronavirus.

“Tonight I want to try to explain what the President is trying to say,” Pitt said, wearing a wig and glasses, saying. “Miracles should not be Plan A. “

After the clip where Mr. Trump appears floating question inject disinfectant or hit the virus with “very strong light”, the video is cut for Pitt as Dr. Fauci with his head in his hand.

“I know I shouldn’t touch my face, but …” he said.

Dr. Fauci has won widespread praise for sending public messages when COVID-19 spread throughout the US, until now infecting more than 939,000.

Trump recently retweeted a post calling for Dr. Fauci to be fired, however then said he did not intend to shoot he.

Pitt also mocked the matter, before finishing the opening segment of the event by thanking Dr. Fauci for the message he had conveyed to Americans.

Chile will go ahead with Coronavirus ‘release certificate’

Chile will continue with controversial plan to issue certificates that will allows people recovering from COVID-19 to return to work.

The World Health Organization has warned there is no evidence that recovery from coronavirus gives people immunity from further arrests.

But an official from the Chilean health ministry said while much uncertainty about the virus remained, evidence showed a reduction in risk after the first fight.

“One of the things we know is that someone who has lived through an illness tends to get sick again, “said Chile’s Ministry of Health sub-secretary Paula Daza.

Chechnya becomes bald in lockdown

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov has urged people in southeastern Russia to shave their hair while the hairdresser was closed due to a locking of the coronavirus.

“All our beauty salons are closed, like our ancestors, I decided to shave my hair,” he said on Instagram, according to Agence France-Presse, encouraging others to do the same.

High officials and emergency services members then followed him, uploading pictures of themselves with their heads shaved.

A confirmed coronavirus case at Russia has surpassed 80,000, with 747 deaths recorded.

‘As bad as anything we’ve seen before’

The White House adviser hopes to give several options to US President Donald Trump for “big wise policies” help rebuild confidence in an economy hit by the coronavirus pandemic, according to Trump’s economic advisers.

Nationwide lockdowns to reduce the spread of the virus have had an impact on the US economy, closing businesses and causing increased unemployment, with a record of 26.5 million Americans apply for unemployment benefits since mid-March.

“We will need very large and wise policies to put together so that people are optimistic again,” White House economic adviser Kevin Hassett told reporters, warning the US unemployment rate is likely to reach 16 percent or higher this month.

Hassett said there was a possibility the economy could recover quickly when it reopened, but warned that things might get worse before they improved.

“I think the next few months will look terrible,” Hassett said.

“You’ll see numbers as bad as anything we’ve seen before.”

The police died because of COVID-19 while locking in Peru

Seventeen police officers who have been involved in enforcing the locking of Peruvian coronaviruses have died of COVID-19.

Former Peruvian Interior Minister Carlos Moran was fired on Friday, after being criticized for failed to provide a mask to the officer and medical care.

His successor, Gastón Rodríguez, said there was no reason for personal protective equipment such as masks and hand sanitizers not to reach the police officers.

More than 1,000 officers in that country has contracted the corona virus. There are more than 25,000 confirmed cases in Peru and Peru 700 deaths.

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