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Sometimes you just have to make the best of this situation, this is what actually happened in Germany. The organizer of Final4 (Cup final) has nearly 400 shirts produced for volunteers and fans. These shirts are now a good reason because floor clubs can order them for free as ingredients or a small amount as ready-made face masks.

All virologists agree on one thing: face masks can only protect you from corona infections, but if you carry a virus, a piece of textile can keep people around uninfected and thus save lives.

In fact, there is still a lack of these protective materials. That is why high quality products in particular must be left for the disposal of medical staff and helpers on the front lines. An alternative solution is to make your own face mask and this is supported by the initiative. Since further corrections to this year’s Final4 T-shirt were not technically possible, the committee decided to donate them for this purpose. Clubs and associations have two options to choose from:

  • order a free shirt (at least 50 pieces), sew yourself to a face mask (with the help of a Youtube video) and distribute it to their own communities. Sharing the whole shirt to the members or fans is clearly not desirable.
  • has the final number of face masks made by one of the Final4 partner sewing studios (Kleenelady’s sewing studio) (minimum of 30 pieces) and sent to the club / association for distribution (€ 3 / face mask, plus € 5 shipping).

Resources & further information with access to the order form (order request by 10 peopleth April):

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