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Maddie Phaneuf celebrates her fourth finish in Germany on Friday. (Photo provided)

ARBER, Germany – Maddie Phaneuf of Old Forge and Rutland, Vermont’s Chloe Levins is racing to finish the best senior competition of her career on Friday at the Mother’s Cup biathlon competition in Arber, Germany.

In Friday’s women’s 7.5 kilometer sprint, Phaneuf, 25, shot cleanly to fourth on the 124th field, just 3.4 seconds off the bronze medal. He had the best time among the first 24 athletes to cross the line.

“Today was great,” said Phaneuf. “This is the first race in my career where I crossed the finish line in first place, finally dropped to fourth, so it was very special for me. Best career in the MOM’s Cup, I’m very happy with that. “I know I can do well this season,“he added.”I was just eagerly waiting for my ski speed to get there. “

Phaneuf, along with Levins who also shot straight into the 31st, are just two of 15 contenders to hit 10 targets in Friday’s sprint.

“Today I felt comfortable skiing, and the shooting went perfectly, I couldn’t be happier,” Phaneuf said. “A big thank you to our sponsors, coaching staff, wax technicians and teammates for all the support. And I am very grateful that IBU and the organizing committee did an excellent job in handling COVID testing and protocols to host this event this season. “

Levins, 22, is in his first year of senior competition and he made his presence known in the women’s 12.5 km short individual Wednesday with a top 20 finish in 121 fields.Levins scored 20-of-20 in shooting range to 19th place, one from only four athletes who shoot the net.

“Apart from being my first year as a senior, this is also my first year training full time,” Levins said. “Managing training load has been a big adjustment, but I am very fortunate to have (US Biathlon Athlete Development Director) Tim Burke by my side through it all.

“I am very proud of the progress I’ve made this training year. A clean individual and top 20 in the MOTHER’s Cup is just one gradual step on the road to bigger and better things in the future. “

The MOM’s competition in Arber closes on Saturdays with mixed relay and single mixed relay.

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