A German court convicted a Tajik man who was a member of the ISIS group | Instant News

The court said that the defendant, who lives in the western German city of Wuppertal and has been detained since March 2019, founded an ISIS cell along with another suspect from Tajik. It said he gave other cell members a semi-automatic pistol to shoot a man in Germany who had made critical comments about Islam – an attack thwarted by the authorities.

He was also involved in preparing for contract killings in Albania meant to fund ISIS, the court said. The killings were canceled because there were doubts about the identity of the intended victim. In addition, the defendant participated in sending money to ISIS in Syria.

The court sentenced the accused to membership in a foreign terrorist organization, along with preparing for acts of violence and illegal possession of weapons, among others.

In establishing sentences, it took into account the fact that he mostly confessed to offenses and provided information about other members of the cell, who were also facing trial.

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