Germany’s Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) plans to reject the adoption of Nord Stream 2 AG – Germany will not exclude Nord Stream 2 from EU gas directives| Instant News

Federal Network Board (Bundesnetzagentur) from Germany plans to reject the application from Nord Stream 2 AG builds the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline, for release from EU gas directives. This is reported by DW.

The regulator sent documents to the process participants, according to which the gas pipeline did not comply with the provisions of the Federal Republic of Germany law on the energy sector, which would free it from regulation, because the construction was incomplete.

According to the Federal Agency for Networks, the final decision will be made after the participants in the process familiarize themselves with the document. The expiration date is May 8.

We recall that on 4 April 2019, the European Parliament approved an updated directive that applies EU gas market rules for pipes laid from non-EU countries (in particular, Nord Stream-2, which must be laid along the Baltic Sea floor between Russia and Germany). Among the main provisions of the directive are the separation of the companies that supply gas and the companies that transport it. This means that the operator of the company Nord Stream-2 must be independent of Gazprom, and 50 percent of its capacity must be provided for alternative suppliers. Exceptions are possible, but only with the approval of the European Commission.

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Previously lovers of the German environment from Deutsche Umwelthilfe intends to legally ban the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline from Russia to Germany. this reported by WirtschaftsWoche.

Deutsche Umwelthilfe requires a reassessment of the environmental impact of Nord Stream 2, because it has higher evidence of environmental damage from natural gas production than previously thought.

The requirements for environmentalists are based on legal opinions from the Berlin Technical University’s Institute of Economics and Law and environmental lawyers.

“According to modern knowledge, there are significant signs that methane emissions from gas production in Europe and Russia are actually higher than previously thought or shown by project proponents,” the attorney’s report said.

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