Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany refuses to celebrate the anniversary of Nazi surrender in Berlin with Russian representatives – Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany refuses to celebrate the anniversary of Nazi surrender in Berlin | Instant News

Ukrainian Ambassador to Germany Andriy Melnyk refused to participate in a memorial in Berlin with Russian representatives on the occasion of the end of World War II in Berlin on May 2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine report this on Facebook, as well as the Berlin newspaper Tagesspiegel wrote about that.

Even in my worst nightmare, I can’t imagine laying a wreath with representatives from a country that has been cynically and bloody wars in eastern Ukraine for more than 6 years. Today, 14,000 Ukrainians are killed in ongoing Russian aggression, “Ukrainian diplomats explained their decision.

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Melnyk noted that he appreciated the invitation of the Mayor of Berlin because in this way the undeniable contribution of the people of Ukraine to Europe’s liberation from the cruel Nazi regime was recognized.

The diplomat remembers that 6 million Ukrainians fought in the Red Army, and every moment did not live to witness the end of the war. More than 5 million civilians in Ukraine were killed by the Nazis. However, in public discussions in Germany, Soviet victims were often identified with Russian victims, Melnäk said.

The Ambassador stressed that honoring the victims of the devastating war was a moral duty for him, however, he was forced to refrain from participating in the commemoration event on 2 May due to the annexation of Crimean Russia and the occupation of most of the Donbas.

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On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of Europe’s liberation from the “chocolate epidemic,” Miller called on the Bundestag and Berlin authorities to finally build a memorial in the center of the German capital for 8 million victims of Nazism.

Berlin Mayor Michael Muller wants to mark the end of World War II along with representatives of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. A few weeks ago, the ambassadors of the three countries received an invitation from the mayor to attend the ceremony of laying a wreath at a memorial on Jalan Schulenburgring in Tempelhof district in Berlin on May 2.

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