WISAG airport workers go on hunger strike in Frankfurt, Germany: “We will not give up” | Instant News

On Wednesday, two dozen workers left hunger strike at the WISAG service company. They are battling layoffs, theft of wages and insecurity due to the coronavirus WISAG fired 230 workers in December, including 31 airport bus drivers who have not been paid since October.

WISAG worker on hunger strike at Frankfurt airport (WSWS photo)

That Hessenschau, that Frankfurter Rundschau, Frankfurter Neue Presse (FNP) and other local and national media know about the hunger strike, but most of them refrained from reporting on the dispute. This can only be understood as a deliberate act of prostration to WISAG, because the bourgeois press chooses not to offend the powerful companies.

The owner of WISAG, Claus Wisser and his son Michael, are among the 300 richest families in Germany. They are very well connected and maintain relationships with Frankfurt mayor Peter Feldmann (Social Democratic Party, SPD), Minister of Economy and Transport for the state of Hesse Tarek Al-Wazir (Green), management of Fraport AG which operates Frankfurt airport and Verdi service union.

But there is another reason for the media blackout: The WISAG workers’ hunger strike is an expression of the growing anger and desire for war that is spreading among more workers. In many companies, employers are using the pandemic to encourage layoffs and massive attacks on wages and working conditions. A social storm is building beneath the surface of society. The ruling class fears that hunger strikes and similar acts of struggle will act like sparks to ignite social outbursts and seek to silence it.

That World Socialist Website against this media blackout. It gives a voice to struggling workers and organizes all possible forms of support and solidarity. It illustrates how workers’ resistance is developing in many countries and explains why an international strategy and socialist perspective is needed in the struggle against capitalist exploitation.

“Just because we defended our rights, we didn’t get paid for 4 months !!!” written on the apron (asphalt) sign of the bus driver Terzi. He told WSWS how this happened: “In mid-September, we were told that our department at WISAG would be closed and all drivers would have to move to a company called Sky City Bus GmbH. This company has only been around since March 2020, but I’ve been working on airport aprons for 21 years. “

As workers explain, WISAG is known for continually attracting new subsidiaries, subcontractors and service providers to trick workers into getting their well-earned rights. The company now has 341 different operations.

Terzi is 44 years old, has a family of two children and has worked for WISAG and its predecessors for more than 20 years. “The Sky City bus is a trap,” he said. “Anyone who goes there loses all rights and starts over.” Terzi and most of the drivers weren’t ready to do that, and they objected to the spinoff, in which WISAG managing director Michael Dietrich threatened them that they would receive no more paychecks.

Terzi said, “On October 1st, we were working as usual. The Burak Baran manager gave us the option of starting from the Sky City Bus and taking the bus – or leaving straight away. He gave us 15 minutes to leave, otherwise he would attack us. Since then, we haven’t received any payments. It has now been almost five months since the end of October. “


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