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The western German state of North Rhine-Westphalia has agreed to take COVID-19 patients from Slovakia, according to Bratislava’s top diplomat.

A medical plane with a patient is expected to land in the city of Dortmund on Saturday evening.

Germany has joined Poland in helping relieve pressure on the Slovak health care system, following a request to help treat patients requiring artificial pulmonary ventilation.

Earlier in the latest wave of the pandemic, Germany handled seriously ill COVID patients from neighboring France and the Netherlands.

DW has an overview of other major COVID developments around the world.


In United States of America, The state of California lifted several virus restrictions on outdoor sports and entertainment venues from April 1, allowing reopening of theme parks such as Disneyland. The new rules will also allow fans to attend matches on Major League Baseball’s opening day.

The rules only apply to people living in California. The organizers are not allowed to sell tickets to those who live outside the state.

Cinema in New York City it also reopened on Friday, after being closed for nearly a year.

Canada has certified Johnson & Johnson corona virus vaccine, making it the fourth COVID-19 shot on the approved list after the beatings of AstraZeneca, BioNTech-Pfizer, and Moderna.

The injection is manufactured by J&J’s subsidiary, Janssen, and is the first single-dose coronavirus vaccine authorized in Canada.

Recent clinical data found that J&J jab 85% protected against severe COVID-19 in testing that took place on three continents as new variants of the virus spread.

While Moderna and BioNTech-Pfizer injections reported higher efficacy, the data reported before the newer and more transmissible mutations took the world by storm.

Protesters took to the streets in the north Argentina to demonstrate movement restrictions regarding the new virus. The area returns to the first round of curfew with all non-essential businesses in Formosa closed and traffic severely restricted.

Police fired rubber bullets and used tear gas to disperse the protesters.


Italy has experienced the highest annual death toll since World War II with 746,146 deaths recorded in 2020. This figure is nearly 15% higher than the average recorded for 2015 to 2019, the statistical office ISTAT announced.

Hungary mass vaccination drives faced obstacles after bureaucratic disruptions disrupted the distribution of AstraZeneca’s coronavirus injections. The delay will affect tens of thousands of people.

“We will apologize to them via text message,” Istvan Gyorgy, the secretary of state in charge of the vaccination working group, told a news conference. About 74,000 people are scheduled to get the dose over the weekend.


African officials warn against “selfishness” on the part of rich nations because the continent welcomes the dose of the global COVAX initiative to vaccinate part of the population.

“Rich countries shouldn’t be too selfish,” said Pontiano Kaleebu, its leader Uganda Virus Research Institute. “It’s a problem, and everyone’s talking about it.”

This was when Uganda received its first dose – 864,000 injections for a country of more than 45 million people. Uganda is expecting a total of 18 million doses but delivery times are still unknown.

the middle East

Saudi Arabia is set to relax some coronavirus-related restrictions starting March 7. The announcement affected entertainment and events, allowing for the reopening of cinemas, gyms and sports centers.

The government will step up inspection campaigns to ensure that places comply with existing measures, for example limiting the number of people at social events to just 20.

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