France & Germany are the Top Favorite Destinations for Schengen Visa Applicants in 2019 | Instant News

France is without doubt the Schengen favorite destination for short-term visa applicants, because its consulates abroad for one year in a row have received the highest number of Schengen visa applications among all other Schengen Member States.

According to the latest Schengen Visa Statistics for 2019, France is once again in the top rank with its consulates who have received 3,980,989 short visit visa requests, or 23.4 percent of the total 16,955,541 Schengen visa applications are filed abroad at the consulates of 26 Member States.

The rate of refusal among French consulates for Schengen visa requests is the third highest in all Schengen, with 16 percent of applications rejected or 635,489 of them.

Among the approved visa applications, 635,489 beneficiaries were provided with multiple entry visas, allowing them to enter French territory more than once.

Despite being at the top of the table, statistics show that there is a slight decrease in applications submitted at the Schengen consulate, parallel to the overall increase in Schengen applications submitted in 26 Member States.

While last year, France received 4,010,604 short-stay visa applications, the number of which fell 0.7 percent. In addition, the data shows that the rejection rate in 2018 is slightly lower at 15.7 percent.

Second only to France being registered in Germany, which has been sitting in the same place for years now regarding the highest number of Schengen visa applications received.

In 2019, the overseas German authorities responsible for handling visa applications received 2,171,309 Schengen visa requests, which unlike France, marked an increase compared to the previous year, 2018, when 2,056,296 visa applications were received.

However, as is the case in France, the rate of denial of visa applications also increased to 9.8 percent in 2019, whereas in 2018 it was 9.1 percent.

In 2019 Germany issued 1,664,448 multi-entry visas, and was a Schengen country with most of the Limited Territorial Validity (LTV) granted – 41,595. Recipients of this visa cannot travel to the entire Schengen Territory but only to certain countries.

Once again, the top beneficiaries are Kosovo passport holders, because Spain does not recognize the country as an independent country; therefore, Kosovo holding a Schengen visa cannot travel to Spain most of the time.

For the two countries, the largest number of applications was collected in China, with 709,616 applications filed at the French consular authority in China, and 431,817 in German applications.

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