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LONDON (ICIS) – German regulator, BNetzA
intends to reject the insult request
will allow Gazprom Russia full access to Nord
Stream 2 – offshore pipeline to be
double the capacity of Russia’s direct pipeline to
Germany up to 110 billion cubic meters (bcm) per

German regulators cannot share
the contents of the decision intended on May 4,
but the comments from the project developer show
intention of the regulator.

“We are aware of the information shared by
German authorities, BNetzA, with the participants
in the procedure. We do not agree with this
conclusion. We will wait for the formal
decision of authority and of course
evaluate it and further action to preserve it
rights, “said the developer of Nord Stream 2
ICIS on Monday.

Interested parties have until May 8 to comment.
The final decision must be made on May 24th.


Reduction will free the project from the EU
rules extended at the end of February to
pipes connecting blocks with non-members
country, known as the third country.
The rules
ensure third party access to
capacity, separation of pipe owners and
suppliers, and tariff transparency.

Only the pipe part in EU member countries
the region must obey these rules. Nord
Stream 2 is an underwater pipeline of 1,230km, 22km of
which sits in German waters, which will be connected
Russia Yamal
from 26.5 trillion cubic meters to
European market.

Pipes can be completed before May 23, 2019
apply for a reduction – given by
first member state regulator
pipe meet.

Future pipelines that will invest
only secured if an exception is granted
also applies.

In the case of Nord Stream 2, the construction
ongoing and the final investment decision is made
before the direction is changed. Russia
State-owned producer Gazprom has both
pipes and gas that will flow through it.


There are still around 160 km of Nord Stream 2
pipeline to lay on Denmark’s exclusive economy

Russian pipeline ships Academic Chersky
and Fortuna
can finish
This job. Project
The developer hasn’t provided a plan for
Danish Energy Agency (DEA), the agency
to ICIS on May 11.

Academic Chersky left Russia’s Far East
in February and arrived at the Baltic Sea in
the beginning of May. Moved to a German port
Mukran, the place where Fortuna was placed
since October, over the weekend.

“We are actively seeking solutions and wills
inform about it in due course, “the project
said the developer on May 4. Other works are
going forward as planned, they added.

Ongoing legal dispute

In April 2019, the developer of Nord Stream 2
ask the European Commission to consider
pipe is complete and qualifies for a

After no consideration came, at the end of July

they asked the EU general court to cancel
EU gas rules that they are
considered discriminatory.

At the end of September, the developers launched a

second legal dispute
on the basis of
Energy Charter Agreement (ECT). They argue
amendments to EU gas regulations violate
ECT investment protection provisions.

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