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In Germany, thousands of people joined the protest against Corona’s rule on Saturday. Authorities are worried about the growth of the demonstration and the involvement of right-wing extremists.

In the world of many conspiracy theories, the Corona pandemic does not exist and the steps taken by the German government and federal countries towards its spread are “illegal”. Other protesters in the circle do not doubt the existence of Coronavirus, but blame Jews or Americans for spreading it.

The Gate to Blame

Some say Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who has become one of the world’s leading philanthropic leaders, is to blame. In Germany, there is no limit to the strangeness of the accusations spread by the crowd who form their own reality.

In Berlin, almost none of them appeared at Rosa Luxemburg Square or Alexanderplatz, where they were expected on Saturday. But hundreds of people tried to join the rally at the Berlin Reichstag. The police put an end to what would be a big protest. Several people were arrested, some were taken by police officers. (Read separate article Berlin: Police Prevent Illegal Protests Occur).

Masks for slaves

A leading TV chef, Attila Hildmann, joined the biggest Berlin protest. He believes the masks that people need to wear in public transportation and shops, to protect others from Coronavirus, are a sign for “slavery”. Hildmann serves as a magnet that enlarges the crowd in protests staged by conspiracy theorists.

Some retaliatory protests, against extremists and deniers, took place in Berlin as well. The police ensure the number of participants does not exceed a maximum of 50 people. Every small rally at Alexanderplatz is marked with a red and white ribbon.

‘White’ in Prenzlau

In Prenzlau, a city in Brandenburg, Andreas Kalbitz participated in protests against Corona’s actions. He said it was good to be “white and German”. Kalbitz has just been expelled from the extremist right-wing AfD party ’ because of hers membership in a Nazi organization. The involvement of Nazis and other right-wing members is a common problem.

Several protests against the Corona rule were reported in Cologne too. In Koblenz, the same type of rally was banned because the last time the participants did not obey the distance or the rules of the mask. In Frankfurt, both conspiracy theories and counter protesters appeared at Opernplatz (‘Opera Square’).

Kretschmer Tals to Protors

In front of Hamburg City Hall, right-wing opponents and left-wing counter protesters were involved in fighting with each other and with the police. While conspiracy theorists say there is no virus, their enemies hold signs that say “right-wing propaganda is not a civil right” and “Solidarity is not a conspiracy theory”. Several people were arrested.

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In Dresden, Saxony’s First Minister Michael Kretschmer appeared at a demonstration against Corona’s restrictions on talking to participants. He reportedly discussed the problem with them for 90 minutes.

Extremist Authority Concerns

In Munich, as many as 1,000 people joined in a similar protest. They oppose a “snout” that does not exist for Corona’s criticism and compulsory vaccination which also does not exist. In contrast, government members say any vaccination, once available, is not compulsory.

According to the Federal Criminal Police Station, which is the equivalent of the German Federal Investigation Bureau, more and more right-wing extremists are trying to use protests against Corona’s rules for their purposes. A spokesman confirmed this kind of concern in the weekly ‘Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung’.

Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said at the same publication many Germans were worried about their professional existence. Germany needs to act fast. That way, conspiracy theories and right-wing radicals won’t have the chance to set the tone.

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