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German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday that the nation’s latest coronavirus statistics provided some reason for hope but warned against “a false sense of security.”

Germany has confirmed 113,296 COVID-19 infections and more than 2,300 deaths on Thursday, Johns Hopkins University reported.

At a news conference in Berlin, Merkel said the figures indicate the increase in new cases is more evenly distributed and the number of infections is now “slightly” lower, “if we count the people who recover and those who lose their lives.”

He said that it might not be necessary to tighten existing restrictions designed to stop the spread of the virus. But, at the same time, he thought it would be a mistake to calm them down.

Germany has closed schools, bars, most shops and other facilities, and has banned meeting more than two people in public. Merkel said that they must keep their limits during the Easter holidays this weekend and beyond, otherwise they risk destroying the progress they have made.

He said he would meet with the “Corona Cabinet” and the regional government next week to assess the situation.


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