German high court rules against Volkswagen in diesel emissions scandal – JURIST – News | Instant News

German Federal Court decide against Volkswagen carmaker is in civil strife on Monday.

The case concerns buyers of used minivans equipped with cheat emission software. It was found that the software artificially reduced Nitrogen Oxide emissions, increasing the risk of harmful pollutants when used by customers. The court ordered compensation of € 28,257.74 to be paid to around 60,000 Volkswagen owners.

Federal court decisions following customer complaints from 2015, with Decision of the Court of Appeal in 2019 The powerful Volkswagen illegally sold defective software. The verdict will set a benchmark for cases against companies in Germany. Volkswagen, in a statement on Monday stressed: “For the majority of the 60,000 pending cases, this ruling provides clarity about how [Federal Court of Justice] assess important questions in the German diesel process. “

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