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Germany established January 30, 1943 – the tenth anniversary of Adolf Hitler’s rise to power – as a day of celebration. Berlin will host the demonstration, and the address of Reich Marshal Hermann Goering from the Air Ministry building will be broadcast throughout the Third Reich.

Elements of the British Royal Air Force will also be present: In an attack unlike before or after, the British tried to silence Nazi leadership with hard air intrusion designed to humiliate. Under the gray sky, the de Havilland Mosquito speed trio of Squadrons No. 105 entered the Berlin airspace at exactly 11am – when Goering was scheduled to start talking.

When British bombs and machinery disrupted Goering’s speech broadcast, radio engineers cut off his food and rushed to safety. A confused German public instead listened to the tumult of the bombers, who were immediately replaced on their radio with marching band music recordings. It was more than an hour before the angry Goering returned to broadcast.

Hours later, Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels praised the Nazi faithful at the largest indoor sports venue in Berlin, his speech will also be broadcast. Three more Mosquitoes, this time from Squadron No. 139 RAF, appeared because of a gesture. Still, Goebbels continued his speech, and this time the anxious audio engineers kept listening to the broadcast. Even though one Mosquito fell under fire, the Press Press praised the success of the “brave attack” which proved that the Allies could hit practically anywhere at any time.

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