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Health authorities in Thuringia face a Coronavirus outbreak in the Sonneberg region. In other parts of Germany, the police must disperse illegal gatherings.

While the overall number of people infected with Coronavirus is increasing very slowly at this time, German authorities are faced with regular local outbreaks. Now the Sonneberg region in southern Thuringia is in the limelight.

Critical number

In that region, the number of Coronavirus cases only increased again, to 247. In a home for the elderly, 19 residents and caregivers were infected. The same is true for local nursing service employees and kindergarten teachers. The number of infected people in this region now reaches 70.2 per 100,000 population.

Officially, 50 people infected per 100,000 population is a critical figure in Germany. Countries or cities which exceed the action should be taken. At Sonneberg, the authorities decided to abandon existing Corona rules, which meant they said they would refrain from loosening any of them for a while.

Evacuate from Afghanistan

Because of another Corona outbreak, this time among German police officers in Afghanistan, the Luftwaffe, the German Air Force, took three of them with special aircraft equipped for medical evacuation. The same aircraft has been involved in German evacuation from China and transported European patients to Germany before in the Corona crisis. An infected Bundeswehr soldier was also on an evacuation flight.

In Afghanistan, German officers function as instructors for the local government. Six of them were flown back to Germany on separate medical emergency flights because they had contact with their infected colleagues. They must enter quarantine for two weeks.

Opposite direction

Other individual Coronavirus cases attract media attention. This is about a man who was on a flight that brought managers, technicians and other Germans back to the Chinese municipality of Tianjin with their families. Before the flight, the 34-year-old engineer was declared negative, but on arrival he was suddenly positive.

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The latest test results have now been confirmed, German-language media reported. It is not clear what this means for other passengers on the flight. Just a few weeks ago, hundreds of Germans and other Europeans had been evacuated from China because of the spread of Coronavirus, which meant they were flown in the opposite direction.

Gather in Stuttgart

Meanwhile, police in Germany were busy during the long Pentecostal weekend which lasted until Monday night. In Stuttgart, they ended a massive party in downtown Stuttgart. Five hundred young people have gathered there without obeying the rules of distance.

Dozens of police vehicles arrived at the location. The party crowd was sent home. Because officers were attacked with a bottle, the Stuttgart Police Department detective team was involved.

Full Beach

On the German island of Sylt, a similar scene was reported. According to the tabloid ‘Bild’, 3,500 young people gathered on a beach in the town of Kampen. They reportedly ignored Corona’s rules. The police also ended the party and closed the beach.

Apparently, German tourists invaded the coast of the Netherlands this weekend too. Many are seen in The Hague, where hotels and restaurants try to ensure Corona’s rules are followed.

Main photo by onlinestreet.de (signs), Bundeswehr (evac aircraft), NRW police (vehicles)

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