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Researchers are now studying cardiovascular drugs which are widely prescribed after initial findings reveal it can prevent or reduce complications in COVID-19 patients and help improve recovery.

Scientists are conducting studies on blood pressure medications, blood thinners, statins, and other drugs used to treat heart disease to find out if they can help patients fight respiratory disease. The results, which are expected to come out this summer, can offer medical professionals various new drugs to treat patients who are positive for the corona virus.

According to some studies, the virus has caused severe or critical complications in as many as 20 percent of all patients. Most patients experience complications that include inflammation of the heart, heart rhythm disorders, or blood clots. This development led some researchers to believe that this disease affected both diseases respiratory and vascular system.

Doctors first associated blood clots with COVID-19 in April when the disease was believed to cause pneumonia. Reports of young people dying of strokes related to coronavirus and red and inflamed toes came shortly after.

Evidence supporting the theory that the virus can also infect blood vessels continues to grow for months since the pandemic was first reported. Vascular infections will explain the various complications observed in patients.

Damage caused by viruses in blood vessels can also explain why people with pre-existing complications such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and obesity are at a higher risk for developing severe complications.

This theory can also explain why patients suffer from severe or critical conditions no benefit from a ventilator. “If you have blood clots in the blood vessels that are needed for complete oxygen exchange, even if you move air in and out of the airways, [if] circulation is blocked, the full benefit of mechanical ventilation support is somewhat thwarted, “William Li, president of the Angiogenesis Foundation, said.

Researchers now hope that drugs used to treat heart disease can reduce inflammation and attack the virus, potentially saving the lives of patients.

Recent studies have also found common blood pressure medications such as angiotensin-converting enzymes and angiotensin receptor blockers do not increase the risk of patients infected with COVID-19 or developing serious illnesses.

Research conducted on concerns about drugs may have contributed to the high death rates of patients with hypertension, not finding an association between drug use and positive for the virus. The study involved 12,600 patients in the New York City area and was led by researchers from the University of New York’s Grossman School of Medicine.

Another study conducted in Boston found no link between taking blood pressure medication and dying from a virus in a hospital. The study involved 8,910 patients confined to hospitals in Asia, Europe and North America.

This finding affects millions of people living in the United States where 45.4 percent of adults suffer from hypertension, with the percentage increasing since 2013.

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