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Travis County officials on Wednesday reported two deaths related to the new corona virus, bringing the number of people who had died in connection with the virus to 95.

Officials also confirmed 68 new cases. The number of known cases in this area is now 3,501.

Eighty-eight new cases were reported on Monday, the biggest one-day increase in Travis District since the start of the pandemic. Health officials said on Tuesday that the daily number of new cases had tended to rise because the country had allowed more businesses to be reopened. The number of infections may be seven to eight times higher than that reported by the data reported, they added.

The district reported on Wednesday that the number of people who had recovered from COVID-19 increased now to 1,380.

Data released by Wesdnesday includes details of the Travis District case based on race and ethnicity.

Among those who tested positive for the corona virus, 56% were Hispanic, according to recent Austin data. Travis County health officials said that there was still concern about the disproportionate impact of the virus on the Hispanic community as well as people living in nursing homes.

Non-Hispanic whites account for about 32% of cases, 7% are black and 3% are Asian.

In some cases, the race or ethnicity of Travis County residents with coronavirus listed as “unknown” or “other,” said Austin officials.


See the Travis County coronavirus dashboard below:

See the Williamson County coronavirus dashboard below:

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See the Hays County coronavirus dashboard below:

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See the Bastona County coronavirus dashboard below:

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Previous update:

April 13th

The cities of Austin and Travis County extend home stay orders until May 8 and include a new mandate for people to wear face masks when in public.

4 April

Two more people in Travis County have died of the corona virus in the past 24 hours and 30 more have confirmed the case, local officials announced late Saturday.

There are now 460 confirmed cases in the area, officials say. There are a total of six deaths.

The last two deaths reported were a woman in her 50s and a man in her 30s, officials said on Saturday.

April 3rd

The fourth person in Travis County with coronavirus has died because the number of confirmed cases on Friday rose to 430.

The new number rose from 351 positive cases reported by officials Wednesday – an increase of 79 new cases, the biggest daily jump since the pandemic began. Health officials said the increase was due to increased testing.

Three of the people who died were women older than 70 and one was a man in his 60s, Austin officials said.

Sixty-eight of 430 people were hospitalized, Austin officials said Friday.

Most of those who tested positive for the disease in Travis County were between 20 and 39 years old, according to health official data.


Capital Metro announced that they will offer free rides for all customers starting Wednesday. The City of Austin also announced that it would close all park facilities, with the exception of toilets and fountains, in order to promote social distance and comply with recent home stay orders issued by the city government and Travis District authorities.


Austin and Travis County officials said a woman, whom they described as older than 70 with a significant underlying health condition, died of illness earlier that week. Officials said they would not release further details about the woman to protect her family’s privacy.


Mark Escott said new data from the University of Texas showed that reducing personal interaction by up to 90% in the coming weeks would save thousands of lives in the wider Austin community.


President Donald Trump issued a declaration of major disasters for Texas as the country grappled with more and more cases of the corona virus.

Hays County has issued an order to stay home to slow the spread of the new corona virus.


Leaders with the City of Austin, the District of Travis and the District of Williamson ordered residents to stay at home to reduce the spread of the corona virus.


An on-site protection order will be enacted for the next several days after medical and government officials begin circulating the draft order. Adler said it was similar to what was issued for the District of Dallas on Sunday.


While restrictions at the meeting do not apply to grocery stores and pharmacies, Mayor Steve Adler called for restrictions on new retailers. Adler signed an updated order that night that requires grocery stores, pharmacies and warehouses to keep controls that allow six feet of social distance, such as placing markers on the floor.

On March 22, Austin hospitals adopted a policy that prohibits visitors from entering medical facilities in an effort to slow the spread of the corona virus and protect patients and hospital staff. Exceptions to this policy are made for both maternity and postnatal patients; patients with disabilities or disorders or elderly people; pediatric patients and newborns; patients who need surgery or other medical procedures; and patients who need care at the end of life.


The number of people diagnosed with COVID-19, a disease caused by the virus, is expected to grow rapidly in the coming days as testing increases across the state.

“You will see an exponential increase in the number of people who are tested positive every day,” Governor Greg Abbott said. “People just need to be prepared and not be surprised by the reality of mathematics.”


The HealthCare St. hospital system David announced that one of his doctors tested positive for COVID-19, a disease associated with the new coronavirus.


To combat the spread, Travis County and Austin officials last week banned meetings of 10 or more people and ordered the dining room and restaurant bar to be closed. However, officials make leeway for picking up, picking up, and sending curbside restaurants under orders.

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