Reports HealthDay: at the beginning of the trial, the ancient drug shows promise against heavy COVID-19 | Instant News

Join us on Friday, June 26 at 3. and here on the liveblog for our next video! debate on the impact of COVID-19 mental health.

Mabel Chan from our team liveblog HealthDay will speak to Dr. Don MordecaiNational mental health lead at Kaiser Permanente.

From home orders and uncertainties on a constant stream of news and recommendations, to see how the pandemic has impacted on mental health during this unprecedented time. What are the consequences of isolation has on mental health? How does the blocking impact on people now and in the future after graduation? Is there a key to getting stronger and more resistant to see people through the crisis?

Join us Friday at 3pm ET for the liveblog, and watch our latest HD live! discussion and other videos on our YouTube channel.


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