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Tighter restrictions come into force in Leicester after a sharp increase in the number of cases of coronavirus in the city.

Insignificant stores will be closed from Tuesday, the Prime Minister of the day Boris Johnson looks switch to recovery from the pandemic, a multi-billion pound new deal for infrastructure projects.

The growth in the number of cases in the East Midlands- 10% of all positive cases in the country over the past week – means the planned easing of restrictions on the Sabbath does not take place, people were warned against.

Health Minister Matt Hancock said that the seven-day Lester contamination is 135 cases per 100 000 population, which is three times the next largest city.

While the exact zone of influence is not expected to be clear later on Tuesday, Mr. Hancock said Leicester and the surrounding Metropolitan area, including Oadby, site of birstall and Glenfield will be included.

The boundaries of the local authority will make it difficult to decide which areas to include in elevated limits, with parts of Oadby in Leicester South-East and the site of birstall to the North of the city under the leadership of Leicestershire County Council.

Harborough, Oadby and Wigston MP Neil O’brien on Twitter the measure “apply in the outer parts of Leicester too – including my constituents in Oadby, Wigston and South Wigston”, but what the great Glen, a village two miles to the South of Oadby, were not included.

South Leicestershire MP Alberto Costa said that the delay in the clarification of restrictions “frustrating”.

He tweeted on Monday evening: “I’m still waiting for official confirmation, as in what part of South Leicestershire are included in the local end, I don’t want to give anyone any information that is not correct.”

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His district includes the city, in the district of about 17,000 people that is separate from the city with one carriageway to the band.

The leader of Leicestershire County Council Nick Rushton said it made sense to tighten restrictions in areas close to the city.

He said: “it is Clear the coronavirus does not adhere to lines on a map. And although the figures of the County are below national and regional averages, we can’t be complacent.”

Mr. Hancock said that the measures will be reviewed and will not stay in place, “more than necessary”, adding: “let’s see if we can provide any measures in two weeks.”

He told the Commons: “these actions are deeply in the national interest too, because it is in the interests of all that we can locally control how the virus.

“Action at the local level, as an important tool in our Arsenal to fight outbreaks while we get the country back on its feet”.

Shadow health Secretary John Ashworth, who represents Leicester South, said: “We were alerted about the situation in Leicester 11 days ago and now we received today from Secretary of state whack-a-mole strategy.

“He does not agree that if we, as a nation, to facilitate the isolation well, those areas that don’t see the flare-UPS required greater speed in response, otherwise we risk not to get rid of?”

Leicester city Council said there were 944 confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus in the city in the last two weeks, and that the testing center is an indoor open on Tuesday in the community center Hayfields, with further planned inspections of sites.

He is revising its expansion plans the opening of its own buildings such as libraries, museums and children’s centres.

City mayor sir Peter Soulsby said: “These measures are more restrictive than we expected, but we understand the need for decisive action.

“I am convinced that we will make this work and to minimize the time, these additional measures should be in place in the city.”

The city also includes the stadium “king Power”, where “Leicester city”, which will host the Premier League Match against crystal Palace this weekend – a match that now can be moved to neutral territory, away from the square.

Boss crystal Palace Arsene Wenger said: “I heard today in the news, there is a potential problem in Leicester.

“I’m perfectly happy to let the Premier League take care of it. I’m sure they will tell us when and where the game should be played.”

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister will use a keynote speech in the West Midlands on Tuesday to say his slogan – “to build, build, build” as the UK comes out of lock after Covid-19 pandemic and that the government intends to spend £5 billion “to accelerate infrastructure projects”.

It is expected that he said, “This government, which is not only to victory over the coronavirus but through this crisis, finally, to solve the great unsolved problems in the country over the past three decades”.

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