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Syracuse, NY (WSYR-TV) — the fate of the US is waiting for more clarity from the state of new York that the air filters are not required in shopping centre air conditioning before allowing them to resume air quality engineer says that there is no substantial evidence that the virus has infected someone through the air.

William Bahnfleth, Professor of architecture at the University of Pennsylvania and chair of the industry task force studying COVID-19 transmission via the air in the room tells newschannel 9’s Andrew Donovan: “my personal opinion is that I don’t think you need to go to that extreme to make the centers safe if we do everything else that needs to be done.”

According to the Governor Andrew Cuomo at a press briefing on Monday, COVID-19 viral particles is 0.125 µm in diameter.

They have various filters that filter out different particle sizes. And they have filters that actually you can filter and catch the virus COVID. For a large shopping centre reopenings that we have not done, we’re going to make it mandatory. I would recommend that the state recommends for all businesses and offices – they explore the potential for their air conditioning/air filtration system, adding a filter that can filter out virus COVID.

Governor Andrew Cuomo

He offered something as effective as HEPA — high efficiency particle air filter designed for detection of particles 0.01 micron and larger.

Cuomo did not specify if it requires a HEPA filter level, or if less stringent filters that catch COVID-19 may already be used in new buildings, such as the fate of the United States, are acceptable.

Professor claims there’s a lot of filters that are less stringent than HEPA, which will remove the virus.

He said that HEPA filters are usually not easily replaceable filters that come with the system, specifying the cost and effort in order to make the transition.

HEPA filters are measured outside the normal scale Merv used to assess the effectiveness of the filter.

Target group Bahnfleth, in American society for heating, cooling and air conditioning task force, the Epidemic of engineers, recommends that companies update their filters from eight to 13, using the Merv scale, or as high as possible.

He said that HEPA filters are only applied in some hospitals, laboratories and clean rooms. He adds: “Even in hospitals, not all filters must be HEPA. [They’re] only in a few specialized areas, so this is a pretty extreme requirement, that those which are designed to meet”.

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