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Diabetes medication costs only pennies per dose will be investigated as a potential treatment for syndrome physicians in China and the United States.

Metformin, which costs 3P per tablet and already poured into the NHS becomes an effective tool for the treatment of breast cancer and heart disease.

Doctors in Wuhan, a Chinese city where Covid-19 was detected for the first time published a study showing that diabetics taking Metformin were less likely to die than those not treated with the drug.

A study conducted at the University of Minnesota also found the drug may be useful in reducing the risk of death coronavirus, in Daily Star reports.

Scientists claim that the drug reduces the inflammatory response in the body, which can be the key to victory over Covid-19, as inflammation and subsequent cytokine storm are one of the main causes of death.

This news comes after researchers have found readily available reductions of the steroid dexamethasone deaths from the coronavirus in a third of patients on a ventilator, and the fifth for those who are on oxygen.

Drug therapy is considered as the best way to combat the spread of coronavirus have not yet found a vaccine.

It comes after the steroid dexamethasone has also been suggested that coronavirus treatment
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Metformin has the advantage of being cheap and widely available, and therefore could be distributed in poor countries.

Studies have shown that it also helps obese people to lose weight even if they do not have diabetes and say, the drug can help in the fight against breast cancer.

Birket Susie believes that she survived the deadly disease after taking the drug under trial, for private treatment in the Oncology clinic in London.

The doctors found Metformin improves the effectiveness of conventional cancer drugs and destroy cancer cells signals.

Susie told the newspaper “daily Mail”: “this is a very strong medication, but it was slow. Who will pay for large trials to regulatory approval, when there is no profit in the end? Metformin very cheap.”

The data also show birth control pills can help with other conditions that affect the elderly.


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