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Plague can be contagious infection caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis which can be carried by fleas and transmitted from animals.

Bubonic plague is the most common form is due to the bite of an infected flea and can be spread through contact with infectious body fluids or contaminated materials.

Patients may show signs of fever and vomiting and in advanced stages may develop sores filled with pus.

It devastated Europe in the Middle ages, especially in the Black Death in the 1340-e, which killed a third or more of the population of the continent.

After the Black plague, death was commonplace in Europe, with outbreaks recurring regularly until the 18th century.

When the Great plague of 1665 hit, a fifth of people in London died, the victims were locked in their permanent place of residence and red crosses painted on the doors.

Bubonic plague has almost completely disappeared from wealthy countries, while 90% of all cases that are now present in Africa.

He is currently treated with antibiotics, as they quickly introduced.

Still, there were a few deaths in the United States, with an average of seven reported for the year, according to bosses of infection control.

From 2010 to 2015 were 3,248 cases reported worldwide, including 584 deaths, says world Health Organization.

Some plague vaccines have been developed, but none can be found for all.

Who does not promote vaccination, with the exception of high-risk groups such as health workers.

Without antibiotics, this strain may spread to the lungs, where it becomes more dangerous pneumonic form.

Pneumonic plague, which can kill within 24 hours, can be suggested by coughing, sneezing or spitting.


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