Jerusalem: a widely used anti-cholesterol drugs, fenofibrate, can lower the danger-level syndrome, which cold, at the Hebrew University (Hu) academic said after tests on infected tissues.

Professor Yaakov Nahmias, Director of the Center grass Hu bioengineering, in joint research with Benjamin tenOever at new York medical center, mount Sinai, showed that the novel coronavirus so vicious, because it causes lipids are deposited in the lungs and that the fenofibrate can repair the damage.

“If our results are confirmed in clinical studies, this treatment may potentially lower the COVID-19 severity in nothing worse than “cold”,” Nahmias was quoted as saying in a press release from Hu.

Two researchers focused on the ways in which SARS-cov-2 changes of patients lung in order to reproduce itself.

They found that the virus prevents the normal burning of carbohydrates. As a result, a large amount of fat accumulates inside the cells of the lungs, the condition, the virus needs to reproduce.

“This new understanding of SARS cov-2 may help explain why patients with elevated blood sugar and cholesterol are often at especially high risk of developing COVID-19”, – they noted.

“Viruses are parasites that have the ability to copy on their own, so they can take control of our cells to help to perform this task. Understanding how SARS-coronavirus-2 regulates our metabolism, we can retake control of the virus and deny it the resources it needs to survive,” Nahmias explained.

After this conclusion, researchers have begun to screen FDA-approved medications that interfere with the ability of the virus to reproduce. In his research laboratory, the cholesterol-lowering drug fenofibrate, sold under the brand name Tricor have shown extremely promising results.

Allowing lung cells to burn more fat, the fenofibrate is breaking the grip of the virus on these cells and prevents the possibility of SARS cov-2 to play. In fact, only five days of treatment, the virus almost completely disappeared, the researchers said.

“The second wave of infection peaks in different countries, these findings could not come at a better time,” Nahmias was quoted as saying, adding that “global cooperation can provide treatment”.

“The cooperation between the projects and the tenOever lab demonstrates the power of adopting an interdisciplinary approach to the study of SARS-coronavirus-2 and that our results can really make a significant contribution to reducing the global burden COVID-19,” tenOever added.

Although there are many international efforts at present is the development vaccines against coronavirusthe studies show that vaccines can only protect patients for several months, in the press release of the University said.

Therefore, blocking the ability of the virus to function, but does not neutralize it in the first place, can be the key to turning the tables on COVID-19, she added.

The research results will be published last week in the press-chamber’ a sneak peak.

This story was published by wire Agency to feed without changes to the text. Only the title changed.

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