Pandemic COVID-19 to bring a surge in cases, wasting of the child: UN | Instant News

Paris: the unprecedented socio-economic crisis caused by the epidemic of the coronavirus will see nearly 7 million more children are experiencing delays in growth due to malnutrition, the United Nations said on Tuesday (July 28).

Before COVID-19, there were about 47 million children under five years who were moderately or severely wasted, most live in Africa South of the Sahara and South-East Asia.

Now as lockdowns and international trade routes disruption of vital humanitarian aid, the UN warned that the pandemic coronavirus may have “the effect of generations” the health of millions of people.

Writing in the medical journal Lancet, a group of experts have shown the results of computer simulation assessment on food in 118 low-and middle-income countries.

They found that the prevalence of moderate or acute malnutrition among children under five years of age will increase by 14.3 per cent – equating to an additional 6.7 million cases.

Atrophy occurs when the body is so badly malnourished that his muscles and the fat will start to decrease.

Many studies have shown a clear link between waste and chronic and serious illnesses later in life.

“Deep impact COVID-19 pandemic in the early food life generations implications for the growth and development of the child and the impact on education, the risk of chronic diseases and overall human capital,” write the researchers.

These models showed that in the worst case, where the pandemic may cause young children to miss 50 percent of their therapeutic food and treatment, nearly 180,000 may die alone this year.

Losing is responsible for one of the 10 infant deaths in low-and middle-income and recent studies indicate a pandemic will leave another 140 million more people in extreme poverty i.e. living on less than$1.90 a day.

In countries already experiencing a humanitarian crisis, the UN children’s Fund warns that up to 100 percent of basic services in nutrition may be compromised.

The accompanying open letter, signed by the head of the world health organization tedros adhanom Ghebreyesus said it can be mitigated, but that the Agency’s assistance needs at least another$2.4 billion for the protection of children at risk.

“We need to step forward with consistent efforts and investments to date, the power to deny COVID-19 crisis and generational legacy of hunger and malnutrition among children,” he said.


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