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NHS superiors have asked doctors and nurses to work without a full protective gown when treating Covid-19 patients, because the hospital arrived here within hours after working from supplies.

Reversal is reversal UK Public Health Guidelines (PHE) determined that a full-length waterproof surgical gown, designed to stop corona virus droplets from moving into a person’s mouth or nostrils, needs to be worn for all high-risk hospital procedures.

In large rounds, PHE advises frontline staff to wear thin plastic aprons with clothes when the dresses run out, in transfers that doctors and nurses fear could result in more of them contracting the virus and ultimately putting their lives in danger. The PHE announcement on Friday night arrived here shortly after an intentional transfer was revealed by the Guardian. Meanwhile:

  • Nearly 15,000 people have been confirmed dead from corona virus in hospitals in the UK, with a total increase of 847 on Friday to 14,576. After the peak of 980, less than 900 deaths have been recorded in the hospital for six consecutive days.

  • Only 21,000 assessments have been carried out – some of which are duplicates – which puts the federal government in dire need of its 100,000 goal per day at the end of the month.

The authorities confirmed that 1 billion objects of non-public protective equipment (PPE) had been sent throughout Britain this weekend – but hospitals and nursing homes continued to experience shortages, especially dresses. More than 50 frontline health employees have died amid fears the absence of PPE has made them exposed.


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