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Karan Raj shared a video about TikTok to explain the reason one must refrain from wearing gloves in public. While thinking it protects us, it can also be a reason for contamination and spread of germs.

He believes that germs will only accumulate on whatever the glove touches, so it is better to wash your hands regularly to get rid of the bacteria on your hands.

(Photo: Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash) Dr. Karan Raj shared a video on TikTok to explain why people should refrain from wearing gloves in public.

Raj’s comments are equivalent to guidance from the NHS. He mentioned that protective equipment, such as masks and gloves are very important in clinical settings. However, he provided limited evidence of its effectiveness for public civilians.

He shares his video with 85,000 followers in TikTok in hopes of erasing the misunderstanding that wearing gloves to the supermarket or other public places will give you extra protection. It has been observed that some supermarkets, including the Tesco branch, provide disposable gloves for customers to use when they shop.

He uses markers in his video to show how germs gather on the surface of the glove. He indicated that it would be better to wash hands after contact than wearing gloves. “Just wash your hands, be wise, stay safe,” Raj suggested.

The World Health Organization also mentioned Glove Information Use Leaflet that wearing gloves can also cause a loss of opportunity for hand hygiene.

The video has reached 372.2K views and collected more than 22.3K likes and 601 comments on Tiktok.

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WHO still urging everyone to practice basic protective measures such as washing hands, keeping a social distance, and avoiding touching someone’s eyes, nose and mouth. In addition, they urge those who have respiratory symptoms to do the proper coughing and sneezing etiquette.

Hand washing should be done with running water and soap. It must be done for at least 20 seconds. Centers for Disease and Control even encourage you to do it humming the song Happy Birthday if you need a timer. When going out in public, make sure there is at least three feet between you and the person next to you.

They also asked the public to seek medical attention early on when experiencing fever, coughing, or breathing difficulties. We also need to stay informed about the disease and its transmission process and follow the advice given by your health care provider.

Simply staying at home also helps reduce curves and minimizes virus transmission. Acceptable reasons for going include shopping for basic necessities such as food and medicines and seeking medical attention at a hospital.

In a different TikTok video, Raj also shows the safest way to take off disposable gloves, if you need to wear them.

He shows you how to first pinch the glove in one hand on the surface of the palm before actually removing it from your hand. For the others, he then shifts his finger under the glove in the wrist area. Carefully, he only touched the inside before rolling it over his hands and other gloves at once.

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