British scientists to lead a UN task force that distributes Covid-19 vaccine as the US blocks the G20 agreement | Instant News

Sources familiar with the G20 discussion said the US was pushing allies including Britain and Japan to abstain or veto the statement, but they refused. For France and Germany, every rewrite of the original communique is a “red line”, said the source.

“Unfortunately, everything on the G20 health agenda has been postponed,” said a senior politician Telegraph. “This will be one of the most effective G20 health statements I have ever seen in terms of giving clear direction.”

“It’s very frustrating as scientists when we get involved in politics,” added Professor Trudie Lang, head of the Global Health Network at Oxford University. “If you look at the practicality of making faccine throughout the world, it needs global cooperation.”

Other experts have warned that, even if an agreement was made by the G20, it would be difficult to enforce global guidelines on vaccines because there were so many parties involved – pharmaceutical companies, governments and non-profits.

But there is still hope for an agreement. Diplomats work around the semantics of naming and upgrading new task forces and perhaps no agreement has been reached that was agreed by all parties.

Key players will then gather virtually on May 4 at the European Commission’s pledge session to raise money to fill the “direct funding gap” in vaccine research, which observers say could be a significant moment.

“This is a global crisis that requires a global response,” said Dr. Seth Berkley, CEO of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance. “Every road map to a future vaccine must involve international collaboration based on the specific strengths of the most relevant partners, alliances and organizations. It must also, if possible, build on existing structures and best practices that have been tried and tested. “


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