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The famous anti-vaxxer footy WAG has scandalously proven that encouraging the Australian government to develop a coronavirus vaccine is & # 39; scam ‘ and comparing the deadly pandemic with the common cold.

Taylor Winterstein was confined in the French city of Toulouse, along with her husband, Australian-Samoa international rugby player Frankie, to test more than 1.3 million people worldwide for COVID-19.

The mother of two sat in a pandemic on Saturday to promote an anti-vaccination platform on social media – when a former medical professor warned that her views had been shared; the last thing we need at this time of crisis.

Around 5,895 Australians infected with the virus and the country are connecting more than half of the world with closure, Winterstein posted on Saturday an inflammatory message, calling government tensions around a vaccine “safety fraud.

Footy WAG Taylor Winterstein (above, with international rugby competition Frank) has used the coronavirus pandemic to share his anti-vaxxer views.

Winterstein, pictured above with her husband a soccer player, shared his views on COVID-19 on Instagram on Saturday. They argue that the focus is The Australian Government about driving vaccines is & # 39; scam ‘ rejected – rejected by medical experts, who’s wrong Don’t say the vaccine’s wrong the only chance is you have the world to destroy the virus

Some comments on Saturday posted by Ms. Winterstein

In comments – totally rejected by medical experts – Ms. Winterstein argued: “There are effective treatments for COVID-19 that are used by medical providers throughout the world, such as intravenous vitamin C and chloroquine.

& # 39; But the Australian government is still working to print the vaccine because that is the only solution. You know this is a SCAM. & # 39;

Public health officials say making vaccines is the best way to control the disease and eventually eradicate it.

Government agencies, such as NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian, have warned that social distance will affect & # 39; until the vaccine is found. ‘

Influencer Ms. Winterstein, who has more than 30,000 followers, also claims that it & # 39; scam ‘ is that the country is including & # 39; for a virus that appears as a common cold for most people & # 39; when similar actions are not taken for viruses such as HIV / AIDS.

Emeritus medical professor John Dwyer, from the University of New South Wales, told the Australian Daily Mail that the influential WAG was lacking in their views.

& # 39; Sad, no. The last thing we need is something like this. said Prof. Dwyer, describing them it’s cold comments like & # 39; really stupid. ‘

& # 39; At present, the only chance we can get rid of this virus with a vaccine, & # 39; she says.

& # 39; D & # 39; There are no effective treatments that have been scientifically established for this disease. & # 39;

Prof. Dwyer said the smallpox vaccination program against its history had been alarming and nearly spread polio throughout the world.

Taylor Winterstein has more than 35,000 Instagram followers and is a leading anti-vaccination activist

Latest map of Australia which shows the total number of cases and deaths per country. New South Wales and Victoria are the least affected states


New South Wales: 2,686

Victoria: 1,191

Queensland: 934

Western Australia: 460

South Australia: 411

Australian Capital Territory: 96

Tasmania: 89

Northern Territory: 28


Restored: 2,315

OFF: 45

He described immunization and vaccination as & # 39; the most successful medical modality ever in terms of assistance for most people.

Meanwhile, the US Centers for Disease Control says there is no link between vaccines and autism, a myth that is not commonly spread by anti-vaccines.

Regarding Ms. Winterstein’s point about other treatments, Prof. Dwyer said that vitamin C & # 39; has no effect in boosting your immune system in situations like this & # 39;

And he said there was currently no evidence that the hydroxychloroquine malaria drug, promoted by US President Donald Trump, was an effective treatment.

& # 39; I have a letter from a doctor here in St. Louis, where they have a terrible outbreak that has investigated chloroquine hydroxy, and so far there have been no signs of benefits, ‘ the doctor said.

& # 39; D & # 39; There is no evidence that it works and has some very annoying side effects.

& # 39; D & # 39; There is no trick that this virus is the cause of our terrible epidemic. & # 39;

He added that it’s something definitely worth visiting Immunological treatment uses antibodies from the blood of people who have recovered from the disease to help the sick.

Medical experts say Winterstein alleged that the community was dismissed from a disease that’s nothing. don’t served like a common cold ‘, then it doesn’t work into other diseases like HIV,’ really stupid ‘ past.

Rugby league international Frankie Winterstein posted a picture of this lockdown in Toulouse – where he & # 39; play as a second line striker for Toulouse Olympique: & # 39; Lockdown is not bad if you sit inside waking up with this.

Medical expert John Dwyer said that Ms. Winterstein & # 39; skip points & # 39; about fear for doctors about coronavirus – even if it’s a mild condition for young people, it’s very contagious and can kill those who don’t spread it to

& # 39; It is true that many younger people suffer from colds such as mild illness, & # 39; she says.

& # 39; The points that he really missed were people who were suffering from minor ailments, who & # 39; I won’t give it to & # 39; Vulnerable people, who cause the most deaths.

Emeritus medical professor John Dwyer

& # 39; In South Korea, most of the grandparents who died died from childbirth without symptoms.

He added that many people had died of illnesses under the age of 50, and that this disease was very risky for those suffering from asthma and other underlying conditions. & # 39;

Professor Dwyer said there’s nothing so much wrong information is about coronavirus which is the cause of it & # 39; crazy ‘ was, including & # 39; cruel & # 39; spread that the virus was caused by a 5G broadcast, which he forced to be dismissed openly.

Winterstein, who was born in Samoa but grew up in western Sydney, was previously criticized for holding an anti-vaccination workshop that cost $ 200 per ticket.

He has led anti-vaccination protests outside the Parliament House in Canberra and has been spoken about similar problems in his native Samoa.

Health officials in Samoa accuse misinformation from being spread by numbers that do not qualify for a reduction in vaccination rates, ahead of the measles outbreak.

More than 1.3 million people worldwide have tested positive for the corona virus and 74,565 have died at the time of publication.

Winterstein was approached for comment on Tuesday.


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