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Suggestion for anyone who has symptoms of the virus is to remain in “household isolation”

Jersey’s chief medical officer has advised islanders to wear face masks when going out to public places.

Although there is “limited direct data” on its benefits, Dr. Ivan Muscat said there are “good theoretical reasons” for believe cloth masks are very helpful.

He stressed the mask was an additional step, and islanders still have to practice maintaining social distance.

US Centers for Disease Control recently updated the guide to include a cloth face mask.

The Jersey government says they also follow the leadership of the World Health Organization, despite them online guide it still states that healthy people should only wear a mask if they treat someone with a virus.

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Stores that sell fabrics and sewing supplies are allowed to reopen so people can make their own

New guidelines from the Jersey government suggest that cloth masks should be worn in all public places and must be replaced if “dirty, wet or uncomfortable”.

Important workers “may need several masks a day to ensure good hygiene and comfort,” he added.

Stores that sell “cloth and sewing supplies” will now be allowed to open, so people who want to make masks can buy the materials they need.

Anyone who has symptoms of the virus must still be in “household isolation”, the guidelines added.

“Having a mask does not mean that they can leave the house safely without transmitting the virus to others.”

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