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Today is World Health Day, before anything else I feel, it’s important to thank all Health Workers, Doctors, Nurses, Nurses, Midwives and many more for being at the forefront of fighting this Pandemic. Their efforts are very valuable and more valuable than anything we can even imagine for what these extraordinary souls did by saving mankind from this Coronavirus Pandemic.

On this World Health Day day, let’s go back to the basics – the basics that are a way of life and that keep us healthy. We always hear this expression from the elders that “Our health is in our hands” and that is true even now, especially now, more than ever. It all ends with how strong our immunity is because if we have strong immunity then we can fight any disease or disease and stay healthy and strong.

When we talk about immunity, we usually talk about certain foods or drinks that can enhance our immunity, or exercise regularly or eat healthy foods that include foods high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, get adequate rest, and wash hands thoroughly and frequently – But our immunity not only develops or becomes stronger by only doing the things above, it requires food in the form of mental and emotional food as well.

Let me share a few ways in which you can strengthen your immunity-

1 Embrace and create a daily routine – Many times we do things sporadically without calculating that when we carry out daily activities at irregular times, our health will also be affected. Our physiology is adjusted and supported by a sense of order. This regularity or routine helps calm the nervous system and eliminate stress and focus on routine is a powerful way to maintain and build immunity. In the current locking situation, everyone’s routine has been disrupted and that’s when it’s more important to make a routine and commit to it because it gives our nervous system some convincing signals that everything is fine and we can feel comfortable. Over time, this feeling when generated regularly causes our nervous system to stay relaxed, reduce stress and help build immunity.

So the first few steps in creating a routine can be sleeping and waking up at a fixed time, eating your food at a fixed time and you can even enter your work schedule also at a fixed time if possible.

2 Bless your food – This is an old practice that is now largely forgotten and very few people practice it in their families. But this is a wonderful way to express gratitude for food that you can eat and enjoy. Especially in the current situation when many people struggle to eat one square and if you are one of those lucky ones who can eat – this is the time to bring this exercise into your daily life. Besides the scientific reasons behind it, positive words and blessings from food change the structure of water molecules, affecting the fluid cells in food and how they affect your body and digestion. In other words, when you bless your food, you create positive intentions and it creates positive energy which then enters your system through the food you consume. This positive energy helps absorb food nutrients and keep us healthy.

So when was the last time you were grateful for your food?

3 Drink water – silence on a regular basis – Yes, this might sound very simple but it has a very strong impact on your physical well-being. Usually our habit of drinking water is when we feel thirsty we drink water – but our thirst comes when we are dehydrated so it is important to drink water regularly even though thirst has not yet arisen. When you drink water- How do you drink water also just as important to know – it’s important to sit down and then drink water instead of rushing to drink water just because you feel thirsty. When you sit and drink water – it helps in quenching your thirst, helps the kidneys function properly and also helps in the distribution of electrolytes in the body.

So, next time when you drink water, sit down and drink sip by sip.

4 Sleep well – To stay healthy and build your immunity, it is recommended to sleep at least 7-8 hours every day. Good night’s sleep increases immune cells, known as T cells, which help in fighting bacterial or viral infections. And lack of sleep can have short-term and long-term consequences. Before you sleep, people must remember that the thoughts you have last in your mind before going to sleep have an important impact on the quality of your sleep. So make sure you don’t watch any disturbing news, movies or series or don’t read any books that have disturbing content just before you go to sleep. Infact, before you go to sleep, make sure you do a 5-10 minute meditation where you say thank you for the day that has passed and be thankful for the smallest things that go your way. When you sleep with positive thoughts in your mind, you will get a good night’s sleep and thus help increase your immunity.

5 Contemplate building Immunity – A number of studies have been conducted to show that meditation changes immune function by increasing antibody levels to fight viruses or bacteria. Even though Meditation is a practice – a way of life – originating from India but somewhere as Indians, we are separated from it. But now with so much scientific research going on to find its benefits, I hope more and more people can realize the importance and make it a daily practice. Our immune system will be negatively affected when we are stressed or trapped in negative thoughts and feelings, making us vulnerable to illness or disease. Regular meditation affects the way we think and feel, which affects the chemical signals that our brain sends to the body and our immune system. Through Meditation, instead of focusing on stress – we are able to manage our stress and emotions, allowing our body to focus on building our immunity to increase defense.

So I would advise everyone to start your meditation practice (if you haven’t started it). Start with a smaller duration – even if it’s for 1-2 minutes of Meditation and then wake up as you progress on your journey to a development Stronger, healthier, and happier!

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed above are those of the author.


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