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Do you have family members who smoke? Do you know of any smoker friends? Do you make contact with smokers every day? Are you sad about this lock because you can’t go out and buy cigarettes? If your answer to one of the three questions, you MUST read this article.


  1. Ammonia: Sweating through our sweat glands, making smoking the same as constantly inhaling the scent of sweat.
  2. Tar: Black oily material used to build asphalt roads. Smoking is no different from pouring tar into someone’s lungs.
  3. Carbon monoxide: Emission substances from conventional gasoline-powered vehicles. Which means smokers might as well put their mouths to the vehicle’s exhaust pipe and take a deep breath.
  4. Cadmium: Compounds used in batteries. Waiter: ‘Battery for breakfast who? Smoker: “Yes, please.”
  5. Acrolein: Was used as a chemical weapon during World War 1. Smokers can be said to be victims of chemical weapons.
  6. Arsenic: Insecticide is used on fruit trees to prevent insects from damaging plants. Smokers should only take a bottle of insecticide and spray it into their nostrils.
  7. Hydrogen cyanide: Also found in vehicle emissions. While it is also a mechanism of millipede and moth defense that is released to frighten enemies or threats, smokers only inhale them.
  8. Formaldehyde: Used as a disinfectant. There are no further comments.

I have no intention of humiliating smokers. Just thinking they should know, or for those who already know are reminded of these facts and what they actually do by inhaling every puff of their cigarette.

In addition to the delicious and gourmet dishes mentioned above, smokers not only indulge, but also offer and treat family members, friends, and others who come in contact with, the second portion of the delicious food (passive smokers).


As a host, it is forbidden for guests to smoke in and around your residential environment when smoke flows and pollutes the area being passed. Toxins from smoke will remain in the atmosphere for a longer time than other gases.

As an employer, implement a smoke-free policy in your workplace. It is your responsibility to care for your employees who are not smokers. Encourage employees who smoke to quit. As an individual, don’t start and stop if you are a smoker. Don’t try, just stop. I guarantee you the benefits of quitting. If you are the type of person who often asks ‘why’, the answer is listed below.

“What are my benefits if I stop smoking immediately?”

1. Within the next 24 hours, your risk of heart attack is reduced
2. In the next 3 months, blood circulation will increase and your lungs – respiratory system – increase by 30%.
3. In the next 9 months, your fatigue resistance levels increase (reduce the onset of shortness of breath).
4. 1 year after quitting, your risk of suffering from coronary heart disease is half of your smoking partner.
5. Your risk of getting lung cancer, stroke and other chronic heart disease decreases.
6. Most importantly, you stop trying to kill people around you in your daily life.

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